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  1. Atlass
    I think you will not find a comparision between these models because the are from different leages. 1 more 2 levels lower in my mind.
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  2. EMAudio
    Ah okay, I thought they would be closer than that because people often compare the 1more triple to iems way out of their league and most say the quad is better than the triple.
  3. Nezzad1
    I own the triple driver. A5 is in a different league. From what I know, quad driver is cleaner sounding than triple driver, also with better treble. I doubt it's close to A5 either way.
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  4. Bubblejuice
    Maybe there are comparisons between the quads and the A4s? Then compare that to the comparisons between the A4 and A5? It's not the most accurate, but it could work to give you a general idea.
  5. salla45
    I auditioned the 1more Quads in Zurich before xmas, and compared directly to the A4. To be brutally honesty they sounded dreadful and were out of my ears within half a minute. I was shocked at how dull and muffled they sounded, I had to check the nozzles weren't blocked. After all the hypy reviews i'd read, I was expecting something on par with the A4's. Er... no. The salesman shrugged and said himself he couldn't believe the press they were getting, and that was his finding also (ie that they were woefully overhyped).

    I spent a couple of hours comparing my A4's to a number of established UIEM's from the 1more quads, through Etymotics, some big german suckers which looked like large grapes, and on up to Andromeda's. Only the Andro's gave the A4's a good run for the money, and then were a bit better in refinement...I still have fond memory of those!

    A4's are comparable in tone to my Beyerdynamic T1's and that's saying something. They are slightly less resolving, a little less defined, and a little ragged by comparison, but not far behind the T1's. It's not like I'm left feeling upset I have to listen to the A4's, lol.

    The A5's by all accounts here are a step up from the A4's so... it's a no brainer at the price. Am saving up spare cash now.
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  6. Ahmad313
    Excellent ,
  7. rav101
    So just a quick update post from my side.

    I'm still using the black filters (haven't yet had time to start using the other tips yet) and have moved from the blue foam tips provided with the A5's to the Comply Isolation tips. I find these to be much better for noise isolation, firm hold in ear and to get better positioning in my ear.

    I've sampled various different genres from rock, house rap, pop, female vocals and male vocals. This thing eats them all up with grace.

    I would whole heartedly recommend these to anyone looking for a good quality pair of iem's in this price bracket. The dynamic driver means that any bass defined songs have weight with the 4 balanced armature drivers taking care of the mids and treble.

    It's been noted a few times but the cable isn't the best. It's not the worst either but there is sound travel through the fabric sleeve and the memory ear guides won't be to everyone's taste. I'm going to stick with them for now and look to swap these out at a later stage.
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  8. chaturanga
    I think you should not trust your ears in such a limited time. You were using LZ A4s for about 1 year, you were used to it's signature, your ears and brain looked for aspects that you were familiar with A4.

    But, you could not focus what really Campfires offered you. I am pretty sure if you had a chance to listen them a few days and later turn back to A4s you would think very different things.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2018
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  9. PacoBdn
    I just did cable exchange with the IT01.

    The more I listen to the A5, the more I like it. They are impressive. I had been with the IT01 for a month and they seemed exceptional, but the A5 are a clear step forward.
    Also, if the IT01 are comfortable, the A5s are much more. You do not feel that you are wearing them and they are very easy to put on.

    The truth is that in IEM I am a newbie, but these A5 to me seem very good.
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  10. Ahmad313
    are the mids/vocals are balanced with other frequencies or recessed and how is the quality of vocals ,???
  11. PacoBdn
    It will depend on the filter you use. In my case, as I have already mentioned, I am using the gray filter because the black that was placed seemed very high for my liking. I understand that with Red they will still be more balanced.

    I hear a lot of female voices and I love how the A5 do it. They are very transparent and with many details. Right now I am listening to Amy Winehouse and it is wonderful.
  12. Bubblejuice
    I just got these in today... And... Oh my...
    These are everything I was hoping the ER4XR would be and more. So much more.

    I've only used them for about an hour with the stock filter and eartips. So I'll put my impressions later in the week probably. But, these. Are. Good!

    Only disappointment is that both of the housings on mine came with a small scratch on the inside shell. You can see the aluminum. Kind of a shame.. And the memory wire is a slight pain. But those are insignificant gripes for everything else these offer.
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  13. salla45
    Very true. I can definitely agree with you on that. I was thinking alot about "brain burn-in" when going through the options. However, there's a difference between a different signature and just plaing lacking/muffled/dull, and I'm sorry but the 1more's were just in that 2nd category. Perhaps they'd have improved over time...maybe. For example, the Etymotics were very mid-orientated, yet clear, and I felt I could have become used to them over time.

    The Campfires were, however, instantly beguiling in refinement and space. They had me pretty hooked. But at 1200chf, it's just not possible to consider at the moment. That's a year of scrimping for me :) - Had I had the readies available and the time, I'd have gone back for a proper audition.
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  14. rider
    Just received mine today, listen with the stock cable and spiral dots ear tips on my V30. Sounded good. Decided to try it with my fidue balanced cable and fiio x7 ii, wow the sound really scales up. Very satisfying.
  15. dilpal
    Exactly I find Quads have bloated bass, very muffled treble even monk plus are lot better than these. Never understood hype behind them.
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