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  1. Ahmad313
    When you will post your review ,???
  2. lmfboy01
    1st impressions.....got about 8 hours on them, they are pretty damn awesome! quick pic...[​IMG]
    ignore the mashmix cable and dap all i got right now
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
    natto, Ahmad313 and Ivan TT like this.
  3. Ivan TT
    I listened to A5 + Z3 combo all day long today, excellent synergy, killer combination!
    (But my Z3 is modded, so probably sounds a bit differently compared to stock)
  4. Brooko Contributor
    When its ready. Brainwavz B200 V2 first - then the LZ A5. The B200 just needs the photography done - so the LZ-A5 should be up by the weekend.
    thejoker13, salla45, PacoBdn and 6 others like this.
  5. Ahmad313
    Thanks , waiting for your review ,
    Please if it is possible(if you already measured the A5) share the FR graph here,
  6. Ahmad313
    Is that crystal Cooper upgrade cable from LZ,?
  7. Lidson Mendes Br
    Nice cable.
  8. Skullophile
    From memory LZ stands for Lao Zhong which translates to something similar to "Old John".
  9. lmfboy01
    Is a Alo Audio cable, up for sale also if any interest! check my sig
    NiceHCK has a black cable that also is dope, Jim has a good eye :ok_hand::boy:
  10. bhazard
    Man oh man. Replace the default tips with cheap KZ silicone tips and the a5 comes alive. Would probably benefit from JVC Spiral Dots, Spinfit, etc too.

    Anyone have any other eartip recommendations?

    I love the bass on the a5. Stronger than the a4 and keeps detail over the rest of the freq. range. I'll try to have measurements within a week or two after 50+ hours of burn in.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
  11. lmfboy01
    I have Sony hybrid foams at the moment and its opened up compared to the original
  12. demo-to
    Compared with which back filter settings of the A4? Even black and red?
  13. Ivan TT
    Can you post a link? CHeers!
  14. Bubblejuice
    If anyone is not going to use their stock A5 cable, I may be willing to buy it off you.

    I really like the material, I just don't know whether or not I like the memory wire. I want to try removing it but I want a back up just in case.

    If this interests anyone, PM me.
  15. DBaldock9
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