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  1. Nezzad1
    Has anyone else noticed that male vocals can get a little hot on certain tracks (on all filters)?

    I'm using red filters right now, they are wonderful. Only complaint being male vocals. Placebo - Meds. Or Rammstein - feuer frei, for an example.

    Weirdly enough - female vocals are always spot on.
  2. expatriot
    Sorry if I missed it, but was isolation/sound leakage discussed? I listen to a lot of my music in a noisy mall.
  3. rav101
    I don't think it's great with the silicone or provided foam tips however I find it to be really good with Comply Isolation Foam tips. I've already had a few instances where people have been shouting my name whilst I've got these in and I've been completely oblivious until they came over and nudged me.
  4. expatriot
    Thanks Rav for your very quick reply. Can you get a pretty deep insertion on these, I don't like shallow fitting iems?
  5. rav101
    I can but I think that is such a personal question given how everyone's ear's are different.
  6. crabdog
    The nozzles are more narrow than average and they're quite long. This is actually one of the very few IEMs that I can use with medium size tips.
  7. expatriot
  8. expatriot
    Thanks Crabdog, Now this looks like it ticks all my boxes. Here goes my first LZ.
  9. expatriot
  10. expatriot
    You are 100% correct. What's won me over to but these is Crabdog's reply that the nozzle is long and thin. My ear canals are slightly narrow, so the A5's should fit pretty good.
    crabdog likes this.
  11. rav101
    Yeah fair enough. I'm generally using small tips for the IEM's I've previously had (Westone W4 and Flare R2Pro) and these again fit me with small tips. I haven't actually tried medium tips though in fairness.
  12. expatriot
    I usually use small tips also. I am anxiously awaiting Brooko's review of these. He and I have similar tastes in sound signature, and the funny thing is we both have one ear canal smaller than the other. And no, we're not twins, hehe.
    pranavtripathi likes this.
  13. bhazard
    I like the stock cable.

    I'm having trouble finding the perfect tips though. The KZ's don't sit right, and one of the JVC Spiral dots got lodged in my ear because the nozzle is so thin. Slipped right off. The Spiral Dots seem the best but I need something with a wide bore that can take a thin nozzle. I don't like the stock tips, and the Comply flattens the sound a bit too much for me
  14. Nezzad1
    Try spinfit cp100 or cp220m1 or m2. I am using cp220m2 right now and it works wonders. Nothing else fits me other than cp100. But i still get a bit better seal with cp220.
  15. Ivan TT
    I noticed that A5 can get a bit overbright in upper mids/low highs, with any filters, also noticeable in cymbals sustain.
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