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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. hakuzen
    that cable but also wire were advertised and sold as "pure silver" before. but at that price, you can bet it's not pure silver. when chinese sellers say "pure silver cable", it uses to be pure silver.. plated copper. when they say "silver plated copper", it uses to be tin (or another alloy) plated copper.
    hck sells it as "NICEHCK 7N Single Crystal Copper OCC Silver Plated Cable". so it's probably true silver plated copper (i doubt it's 7N though). if you want to get not-plated copper wire, you need to avoid "plated" word in the title or description.
  2. superuser1
    @hakuzen I received those cables we discussed from Jim and they seem to be nice and supple. Thanks again for your advice.
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  3. BB124T
  4. kingdixon
    Ye they normally reply fast but i couldnt reach him for the last 2 days to extend my purchase protection, had only 10 hours left so i opened a dispute ( better be cautious than sorry )

    Aliexpress refused the dispute due to : there is still 10 hours please be patient and contact after buyer protection ends .. i wonder what might happen in 10 hours..

    Although i dont really want refund just more waiting time, but i will just remind them tomorrow that time has ended.

    I dont know who is charged for the refund and i didnt want to open dispute first place since jim is a nice guy but anyway..
  5. bogginhead
    Jim replied to me earlier today. They did receive my payment and were getting ready to ship. I figure he'll contact you soon; NiceHCK really does have great customer service usually.
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  6. battosai
    Nicehck 8 core copper vs nicehck 8 core high purity copper. $10 vs $20
    Will test sound later 20190225_182806.jpg 20190225_182824.jpg 20190225_182851.jpg
  7. hakuzen
    interested of the difference. $10 is about half section (thinner) than $20, but plugs look like better.
    a comparison with 16 core $30 would also be nice. total section could be equivalent to $20, with better plugs.
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  8. battosai
    I have ordered the 16 core before the cheap 8 core and I still haven't received it.
    Quick question Hakuzen, I have a multimeter but how do you measure resistance of the cables? A detailed description would probably bring out a lot more data out of cable users... Thanks
  9. hakuzen
    measurement of DC resistance of cables

    1. calibrate your multimeter.
    1a. set your DMM to measure resistance, mΩ range, if available.
    2a. touch the leads one against the other. read resistance of them and note it. do it for any leads (point, alligators, etc.) you plan to use. you only have to do this once. choose the less resistance leads of each type available.
    3a. if your DMM is able to use a reference for relative measuring (REL button or similar), you can set your lead resistance as reference.

    2. measure resistance.
    2a. set your DMM to measure resistance, mΩ range, if available.
    2b. measure resistance (details, below).
    2c. if you used relative measuring, the DMM has already substracted leads resistance. if don't, you have to subtract it to your measurement.

    to measure 2pins TRS cables.
    Tip is left signal, Ring is right signal, Sleeve is common ground. for example, to measure left path, touch or clip (i use low resistance alligator or flat clips for this, easier and more stable) tip of the jack with one lead, and signal pin of left side with the other.

    to measure MMCX TRS cables.
    you can measure L/R ground easily. one lead touches sleeve part of the jack, and the other, touches the external circle of the mmcx plug.
    to measure L/R signal, you have to touch the inner small pin of the mmcx plug. depending of the leads type used, this can be complicated. point leads make it easier in this case. i use clips, so i add an mmcx to 2pins adapter of known resistance (tiny) to measure signal more comfortably.

    to measure when TRRS balanced jack in the cable (2.5mm, 4.4mm; remember this is different to TRRS single end+mic jacks)
    you have to know which is the balance norm used for the cable. the most used is:
    tip: R-, ring1: R+, ring2: L+, sleeve: L-. (negative are cold -inverted- signals, positive are hot signals; no ground needed nor available, except a screen braid connecting the mass of the plugs in cables with RF/EMI protection).

    10mΩ (two decimal digits) is desired (1mΩ would be superb, but not usual).
    usual cheap DMMs use 100mΩ (one decimal digit) resolution. too much error in both leads and cable measurements, but can be used to get a gross idea.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
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  10. hakuzen
    a nice guide of professional reviews of DMMs:

    for resistance measurements (mΩ), i use Vapcell YR1030 (https://lygte-info.dk/review/InternalResistanceMeterYR1030 UK.html , around $34), because of its resolution (~1mΩ) and because it uses 4 terminal leads (alligator clamps or probes, like showed at https://lygte-info.dk/review/InternalResistanceMeterYR1035 UK.html ); this is very comfortable: you don't have to subtract leads resistance, and measurements are more stable.
    i use UNI-T UT61E for voltage (mV) measuring.

    anyway, you can use a cheaper dmm as well. here is an example using a $22 DMM (ZOYI ZT109, 2 decimal points at Ω, 10mΩ resolution), with very low resistance clamp leads (they didn't come with the dmm). you have to wait until reading is stable.

    1. calibration: ~10mΩ (0.01Ω) leads resistance

    2. measurement of $20 cable, 2.5mm balanced, left+ signal:
    cables_z_02.jpg cables_z_03.jpg

    0.11Ω - 0.01Ω (leads resistance) = 0.10Ω (100mΩ).
    absolute error of this measurement: ~15mΩ

    edit: corrected prices of gear..
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
  11. fokta
    The only time I was very happy when receiving Notification, is today, saying my H16 is out from custom... hope can get it before weekend.... :L3000:

    possible to make video about it...? I am very dumb to follow written instructions.... hehehe:ksc75smile:
  12. hakuzen
    congrats for the h16..

    er.. sure aren't you a chinese seller? :D they use to ask for a video after sending them self-explain photos..

    first pic shows how to read leads resistance (touch them and read).
    second and third pic show how to measure left+ signal in a balanced cable (to measure the other signals is the same, just touching different pins and parts of the jack, as explained in the previous post).
    there might be tons of videos at youtube showing how to measure resistance
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  13. Palash
    My ISN Audio H8 and S8 arrived today. Just awesome.
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  14. Dsnuts Contributor
    Pictures or it didnt happen. What you think about em? Any sound impressions?
  15. Palash
    It was a busy day, picture and impression coming soon.:gs1000smile::ksc75smile:
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