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Once in a few months I check this thread and skim through very very very fast to see if people are talking about some sort of creditors’ settlement from LHL.

Fat hope.
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@stuck limo, I assume Larry H. told you that the beta units will be "built" in another 4-6 weeks... Wasn't he the same source that told all of us that the beta units would be "built" 4-6 months ago? So what will be the excuse when no beta units roll out in 4-6 weeks? Why can't you all just level with us, and tell us exactly what is going on? So once the beta units are "built" and go through some sort of testing, how is LHL going to produce all the Waves that were perked for in the IGG campaign? I really don't expect answers, just taking this opportunity to again vent some frustration.....
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Oh.... Whatever.

Waves will be built, October 2018. October 2018 of what year though? (Let's see... 2018÷365-31 - or is that (2018-31)÷365?

This was not a sale of product, it was an investment venture through the tool (good word there) of crowd funding. Investor beware.

Whatever, we're all screwed because there is no money left to refund or extract. Other than closing LH Labs down (already happening anyway) and maybe putting Larry and/or Gavin in jail, our only real choice is to wait and see if/when they actually deliver. At this point I am no longer holding my breath.

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@Shawnb, I realize that this is just my best guess, but I would put the total number somewhere slightly north of -1 and just south of +1..... Of course, LHL can let us know if I'm wrong...

I wonder how many Tesla speakers and Da Vinci DAC's went out in the last 2 years compared to how many LHL units. Or is that dead as well?
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I would guess that they are shipping DaVinci DACs as many as are ordered, built to order. Then again, how many $30,000 DACs are ordered in the average month?

On the other hand, I get the impression that Tesla speakers and amps are almost as screwed up as the Pulse and Vi DAC. Some types in stock, some not and may never be. From what I could tell when the LH Labs marketplace was alive the Tesla subs were pretty much never in stock.

All in all, one thoroughly screwed up company. I really can't understand how they manage to keep it as screwed up as it is.

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Paid for in 14/06/2014

2015 Nothing

My yearly check in, still no Geek Wave? See you again in another year

My yearly check in 2017, still no Geek Wave? See you again in another year - What!!

My yearly check in 2018, still no Geek Wave? See you again in another year - What!!

Thanks for making us lose faith in crowdfunding and blocking innovation !

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