Light Harmonic Geek Wave

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vincent215, Apr 9, 2014.
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  1. marflao
  2. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Sorry was talking about dimensions.

    The DTP 894472 battery has a size of: 9.1 x 44.5 x 74mm

    The dimensions of the battery you have linked however is too long.

    For a 4500mah the closes DTP Battery w/ that dimension is DTP 815188 w/ 8.2 x 51 x 88mm
    However they have also DTP 105085 w/c is a 5000mah w/ dimensions 10x50x85mm.

    ... And after these long wait why I am still discussing these :confounded:
  3. greenkiwi
    I'm very excited to see updates, I think the visibility into the process has been interesting to see and I'm happy seeing it get surfaced again. Thanks @stuck limo
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  4. stuck limo
    Thank you for the very nice comments. I have passed your note to the entire team! :)
  5. Hercules
    Crowdfunding is more than just invested into an idea, the campaigner should walk with the backers in all phases of product development, not hiding and avoid communication and keep backers in dark.
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  6. okthxbye
    Geek Wave: A No-compromise Portable Music Player

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  7. hotteen
    No Geek Wave but Source is available for pre-order. And they have stock of Vi Dac and Pulse X. Authorized dealer to boost! Perhaps will deliver faster than LH labs themselves!

  8. wingsounds13

    Pre order is meaningless. You can preorder the Source on the LH Labs marketplace. As for Pulse X and Vi DAC, how many do they have in stock? One each... One Hundred? Again, largely meaningless. At least meaningless without the number available in stock.

    As for the Wave, nobody has preorder for those, not even the LH Labs marketplace.

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  9. hotteen
    If you think that it's alright for LH labs to make Vi DAC and Pulse X available in the market when there are still backers whose orders have not been fulfilled, good for you.
  10. wingsounds13
    LH Labs is a business, and businesses require sales to produce income and stay in business. I don't like that a few units are going to retail before all backers are satisfied, but do understand the necessity to do so. I would much rather have my indiegogo product delayed by a few weeks or even months than never receive it because the company went bankrupt before fulfilling their campaign backers.

    I just don't get why some people get their jollies from stirring up Schiit and making others lives unpleasant.

  11. hotteen
    1. 2013 vs "a few weeks". Big difference. Remember: we are talking about LH labs making their products available in the market before fulfilling their old orders, not delaying delivery because of unforeseen problems.

    2. This is not the first time LH labs do something like this, among their other shady practices.

    3. It's interesting how LH labs portray themselves as victim. With the help of people like @wingsounds13, of course (BTW, wingsounds13, as LH labs' employee @stuck limo admitted, is "ITK", which makes the whole thing more suspicious). "Making other lives unpleasant"? By my words? Or is it actually more "unpleasant" when some shady people take millions of dollars from others?

    4. I am sure you have heard of the concept "dissonance reduction"? Or rationalization? It's one thing not able to detect fishiness. It's another thing for being duped and then rationalize about it. Anna Freud called it '"identification with the aggressor". Nowadays people call it "Stockholm syndrome".
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