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Light Harmonic Geek Wave

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vincent215, Apr 9, 2014.
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  1. Lookin4Treble
    So at what point do you go, "Hey Larry, these extended periods of radio silence are hurting you, as well as me by association? Do you want to salvage your company's reputation or not?."
    Instead, you are sounding more and more resigned to a slow slide into failure (to achieve what you set out to do). It's looking like deja vu all over again.

    The improved communication component is really not the driver of these pushes for more information. It's that many of us want reasons to stop suspecting this campaign is intentionally stringing us along. Larry has had so many chances to cut bait and just admit it's too difficult for LHL to fulfill. But now that years are passing, our window for recourse diminishes.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2018
  2. stuck limo
    I have had that conversation multiple times. I hope something changes soon.
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  3. Nightfish
    I don't think anything will change. Larry seems to be incapable to caring about the people that gave him a lot of money. What on earth is he doing these days?
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  4. Beefalo
    I ‘pledged’ for a simple 64 Wave in April 2014. Just imagine those that are still waiting for their PULSE from god knows when. Wish I had a cousin Guido to take care of this.
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  5. stuck limo
    I completely understand and empathize 100% your viewpoint.
  6. Nightfish
    @stuck limo,
    Thank you again for your help and for trying to squeeze out a bit of new information from Larry. I want to ask if you happen to know if LHL is planning to attend any audio festivals in 2018. Last year Larry went to one in Japan (I think). It would be reassuring to see him or LHL products in public.
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  7. stuck limo
    Tentatively: CES, CanJam in RMAF. Three shows in Japan and two in Hong Kong. One in Singapore. And one in Bristol. Hopefully showing the Wave, Tesla, and something else LH hopes will excite people.

    No guarantees on any of these, and Larry is still deciding on what best ones to visit. Right now the Asian market is absolutely exploding with headphone and audiophile gear, while the US market seems to be stagnating or shrinking, so obviously that's a consideration. CanJam is definitely being heavily eyed though for the States. CES is being debated.
  8. wingsounds13
    Every person on earth wanting your product doesn't mean squat if you have nothing to ship. Right now LH Labs has almost nothing in stock to ship, and apparently little interest in getting anything done.

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  9. doctorjazz
    It would be great to hear the Wave at CanJam NY...
  10. Beefalo
    While you are in NY.....................I have a bridge I'd like to discuss selling to you.
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  11. Nightfish
    Thank you for the reply and information! Good to see that at least some information is shared with you. For me it's good to know that they join the shows and don't disappear. Also, I hope that one day on one of the shows, backers will see Larry in person and then he won't be able to run again and he will have to give some answers.
  12. doctorjazz
    @Beefalo, I'm figuring on making a fortune on the bridges I already own on traffic into the city :)

    (I didn't say I EXPECTED to hear the Wave at CanJam NYC, only that it would be great if they showed it and I did...)
  13. bernardperu
    Hi @stuck limo

    Can you give us any update on when the next batch of Geek Waves will be delivered? Even if it is just 10% of the total items you owe us, I would be glad to hear this deadline?

  14. stuck limo
    I posted this on the IGG page in the comments, but figured I'd share it over here too with everyone:

    I received the tracking information today. It is shipping via Singapore Post and it left today for the United States. I was informed today that Larry’s contact kept the boards for a while to do testing for functionality on the boards in Singapore. The tracking hasn’t updated yet, so when I have hard news on the shipping progress, I will share that with everyone.

    I will be posting an update (on IGG) every time the shipping status changes, so you'll know exactly where the package is at the same time I do.

    First tracking:

    1/29: Dispatched to Overseas (Country Code: US)
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
  15. m-i-c-k-e-y
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