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LH Labs' gorgeous Vi Dac ( Tube + SS outputs )

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by bmichels, Feb 7, 2015.
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  1. rikirk66
    It all depends, when I will have my V-caps TFT burn-in with Lundahl, I might not going to sell it anyway.
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  2. sjp770
    I bought into this fiasco as a first bite at high end audio gear. So for most of those 4 years I've watch my son be born, walk and talk without any movement on this 'investment'. I have a set of HE 560's with nothing to plug them into and no want to buy anything else after being burnt so badly. So all I have left now is to hope that one day there will be a delivery from LH Labs. For all their annual updates and dragging on our slim grasp on hope we still have no real evidence that a new chassis is being built or even the original still being made.
  3. stuck limo
    LH would like to address this post. If anyone has questions over Vi DAC as far as USAGE AND FUNCTIONALITY AND DESIGN, please submit those questions to us on our forum. I am submitting a Q and A to the office for an update.

    You can PM me questions or post them at our support forum. Please note we won't be taking questions over shipping or production status or anything along those lines. This is purely for use and functionality information. We've had a lot of confusion and questions over these units and would like to clear up anything we can. Thanks!
  4. MikeyFresh
    Usage and functionality of what, the vaporware Vi DAC, or the retail channel Vi DAC Pro that is produced and sold using IGG funds?

    How can anyone have questions about use and functionality of something they don't actually have, and so it can't function or be used?

    Is this the best Larry can do in dreaming up another smoke screen deflect to get through November with absolutely no updates on actual production and shipment status?

    Do you remember that it was now one year ago you announced the new Vi DAC chassis "option" Jarek? No further details about that option were available then, nor 90 days later, nor last summer, nor even now 1 year later? Thats not really an option then, is it?

    So Larry has time to answer a Q and A about use and function due to some great amount of confusion as reported by whom and where? I don't see any use and function confusion here on this forum at all, and I doubt it exists anywhere. This is pathetic Jarek. If I'm wrong, cite some examples of the confusion about use and function that you've already noted in identifying this supposed issue that needs correction.

    The Q and A need ONLY be about production and shipment, anything else is just Larry's delusion that he's had everyone hoodwinked effectively to this point, so why not just continue that charade? Brilliant.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2018
  5. Hercules
    Plenty of questions raised but none answered by your team, I suggest Larry and Team answer all those pending questions and tickets before making another battlefield, please show us your involvement first.

  6. rikirk66
    Can't agree more!
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 19, 2018
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  7. stuck limo
    Well, at least one person was confused over the line out function on the Vi DAC and thought it could be used to listen with headphones. That was a huge drama we had to deal with and clarify. Larry has other stories about confusion over the use and functionality I've heard as well.

    Also, see post i quoted above about addressing.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2018
  8. Hercules
    I still not enjoyed my tube output stage due to

    1. Non signature tube output stage
    2. Without CCX I backed with VCap and Cardas

    So I don’t want to burn my tube life on inferior sound quality, hope this confusion can be solved very soon.
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  9. AVJazz
    Okay, since I posted for the first time in ages, and what I had expected was to be the last time, I'm now getting all these thread e-mails alerts and could not let this one pass without comment.

    And since I really don't care anymore, feel no obligation to be especially polite after the crap we've put up with: is this really supposed to make us feel okay about limiting the Q&A to topics LH is willing to discuss, that among the very few Vi DAC's that have been shipped -- the actual number of which seems to be a "state secret" -- one went to someone who is so absolutely clueless as to not know how an audio component works and cannot understand the difference between RCA line outputs (as presumably no XLR version seems to be ever made) and headphone jacks??? And that this is a "huge drama" taking up your and LH's time instead of working on, well let's see now ... there's some Pulse units that have been delayed for years, Vi DAC chassis issues to sort out, and some CCX modules to design, and oh, what about that Wave thing that was promised. Well, tomorrow is another day...

    And looking over some older posts in my absence saw the most ridiculous rationale for sending out the shipping invoices to be "ready" since the factory had promised the shipment. Really, was he so incompetent as to be completely blindsided that the factories could not make the ridiculously over-engineered original chassis? No one from LH was ever onsite to check on production at the sub-contractor for what was clearly a difficult task? Sorry Jarek, in trying to justify this nonsense and contain the narrative.

    Over and out...
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 19, 2018
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  10. MikeyFresh
    Ummm, no... care to try again?

    On second thought, don't bother. Just thank Larry for having made a complete fool of you with this new brainstorm.

    So lots of hard and time consuming work is going into the function and use question support issue. That's great, because I have a question:

    How do I listen to music on a Vi DAC Tube Infinity? Walk me through it please, just how do I go about doing that? That's my use question, how do I achieve that level of function?
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2018
  11. stuck limo
    It was actually my idea, thanks, due to a) the above post I mentioned needing to be clarified on our end b) the RCA output question which led to a massive, lengthy ordeal with this particular customer (honestly a nice guy, btw) and us having to change the Vi DAC manual c) people sending us questions over confusion over the nature of the units. I don't sit here and make things up for you guys.

    BTW, just because I have the information right here: we had to change the following two lines in the Vi DAC Owner's Manual to include Line Out in Solid State and Tube sections:

      • RCA Line Out in the Solid State.
      • Dual balanced XLR 3-pin Line Out connectors in the Solid State.
      In Addition the Vi Tube DAC Infinity Delivers audio signals from the following outputs from the CCX Tube module.
      • RCA Line Out In the Tube Stage
      • Dual balanced XLR 3-pin Line Out connectors in the Tube Stage.
    Pic of Convo.JPG

    The customer was confused and trying to listen to the headphones through a custom/special hookup to his headphones via RCA line out. Anyway, that was all sorted out eventually.

    It seems there's two camps in this community of backers: ones who feel we "harass" by having a presence in the community and offering communication or b) ones who feel we don't offer ENOUGH communication. We get yelled at no matter what we do. I apologize for LHL's role in feeding those sentiments and we're constantly trying (not generally succeeding) to bring trust back and get backers what they paid for.

    Yes, we had to assist a particular customer and it was very drawn out in resolving that situation and clarifying for him (again, we had to change the manual, figure out what he was exactly doing, figure out what he thought about what he was doing, had several texts and emails and phones calls back and forth because he was under the impression he had purchased a differently functioning unit) and we had to funnel time to resolve that instead of something else. Such is the nature of business.

    On the matter of substantial updates regarding Vi Tube chassis, yes, things are happening. However, I'm not going to announce them as being presented in a particular timeframe until a) I get official word and b) I get official photos and details. (those of you sick of the empty promises can hopefully understand)

    Anyway, we're looking at taking a break from the thread again (final decision undetermined at this time) due to the nature of the recent conversation from participants. I'll update IGG again literally as soon as I have information though.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2018
  12. sjp770
    Step 1: Receive your Vi DAC in the mail
    Step 2: Not sure... Haven't gotten to step 1.
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  13. MikeyFresh
    Jarek, that post is from April. Glad that saga/ordeal was finally solved some months later after much hard work.

    I'd think your support forum is sufficient for those types of queries, no? You can even forward support queries like that to me, and I'll have them all sorted out and done in under 5 minutes each, for free. I'll write the revisions to the manual in a similar 5 minutes, and identify the manual's shortcomings in causing the confusion in the first place. Easy.

    Thats the only camp Jarek, there is just that one, and the information they seek is not related to use and function, but then you knew that already.

    Thats exactly where I'm stuck too, I can't seem to use a Vi DAC, no function at all.
  14. stuck limo
    The post I've mentioned 2 or 3 times now was from Nov. 16, 2018.


    I shared the post re: transformers right on top of power supply and the office is confused over this statement and information being shared in the post. That is why we would like to address it.

    The guy listening to RCA line out was resolved back in April and merely served as example of confusion over the units, per your request.

    Snip 2.JPG

    So he and everyone else are in the camp that feels our continued presence on the forums is unnecessary and unwanted?

    Fair enough.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2018
  15. stuck limo
    This is why I invited all questions over form, functionality, and usage to be posted at the support form. However, if no one here has questions, that's totally fine. :)
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2018
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