1. Lonelyers

    LH Labs Geek Out v2 Discussion Thread

    Geek Out v2 is now available for pre-order, at the "Geek Force pre-order price" of US$225: http://lhlabs.com/415/ http://marketplace.lhlabs.com/products/geek-out-v2-usb-dac-headphone-amplifier   The specifications are as follows:   Frequency Response: 2 Hz - 55 kHz (-0.1 dB) Maximum Power...
  2. miceblue

    Light Harmonic Geek Linear Power Supply (LPS and LPS4) Impressions/Discussion

    I'm mainly creating this thread so that the Light Harmonic Geek Pulse thread doesn't get too flooded with impressions about the Geek LPS by itself. My sonic impressions of the Geek LPS4: I've been doing some testing between the Geek Out on my MacBook Pro and the Geek Out with the Geek LPS4...
  3. AxelCloris

    Geek HPA by LH Labs

    LH Labs is working on a dedicated headphone amp as part of their Geek line of products. It's going to be based on technology that they're implementing in the dedicate Da Vinci HPA. Below I've included the information taken directly from Light Harmonic's founder Larry Ho pertaining to the Da...
  4. bmichels

    LH Labs' gorgeous Vi Dac ( Tube + SS outputs )

    LH Labs has a new crowd funding Project : the Vi DAC And, IMO.. Very good looking. One fun feature: you can have SS & Tube output runing in the Same Time, booth connected to your Amp, and you then van switch from SS & Tube sound by switching your amp's input. Does anyone has infos on this...