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LH Labs' gorgeous Vi Dac ( Tube + SS outputs )

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by bmichels, Feb 7, 2015.
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  1. bmichels
    LH Labs has a new crowd funding Project : the Vi DAC

    And, IMO.. Very good looking.

    One fun feature: you can have SS & Tube output runing in the Same Time, booth connected to your Amp, and you then van switch from SS & Tube sound by switching your amp's input.

    Does anyone has infos on this Baby or had a chance to listen to the prototype ?

  2. mikemercer
    Having been a fan (and friend of Gavin at LH), writing the first article (in The Daily Swarm) about LH starting the crowd-funding trend in high-end audio  - AND giving the Geek Out 1000 a glowing review at Part-Time Audiophile:
    I can't BELIEVE they started a NEW campaign!!
    @bmichels  - I'm going to investigate - but I hear there are all sorts of issues with the Geek Pulse, and they haven't delivered all products from previous campaigns.
    Have you heard about ANY of this??
    I love the look of the VI DAC too!
    But now I'm worried if, by some Freudian slip - it stands for Very-Much In-A-Sh__load of trouble!!!
  3. bmichels
    Ok, so I wait for your investigation results before I do any move on this. [​IMG]
    In the mean time, Have you been to Get an AK500n to do some testing on it and to compare it's SQ to the AK240 ? 
  4. mikemercer
    OOPS! Just caught this typo in my response:
    But now I'm worried if, by some Freudian slip - it doesn't stand for Very-Much In-A-Sh__load of trouble!!!
    Should've stated:
    But now I'm worried if, by some Freudian slip - it stands for Very-Much In-A-Sh__load of trouble!!!
    WILL FIX!!
    Also - AK500n - man, I know, I gotta get ON THAT!!
    Thanks for reminding me!
    Gonna drop Owen at A&K a message RIGHT NOW!!
  5. Anaximandros
    The Vi DAC is the renamed Soul Dac, which was introduced during the Forever Funding campaign.
    It's basically a Pulse Xfi + LPS in one chassis, whereas the LPS was substituted by a revamped version of the former LPS.
    You can find more Information here http://lhlabs.com/force/geeksoul
    Also the specc chart has to be updated regarding the tube output and the single ended headphone output, which is not mentioned there.
  6. smial1966
    Many Geek Pulse backers are similarly bemused, perplexed and downright appalled by LH Labs inability to fulfil pre-existing pledges before embarking on yet another campaign(s). L H Labs apologists atone for such tardy product delivery by oft quoting "But it's crowd-funding and delays are inevitable", whilst this is true to some extent, how many other campaign originators try to simultaneously juggle multiple projects without having first fulfilled their existing customer commitments? The LH Labs business model sucks, as customer satisfaction seems to be a very low priority.
    Oh joy! Soon there'll be yet another campaign launch with a dedicated headphone amplifier too.  [​IMG]  
  7. bmichels
    OK, so will I go for a more simple approach... [​IMG]
  8. magliner0316
    It's very funny to see less than 10 ppl buying the DAC devices ($1700 & $2000) and so many ppl buying the upgrade perk?
    This doesn't make sense....
    Or do these ppl know they only buying upgrade and not the DAC itself?
  9. Anaximandros
    They bought the Soul during the Pulse forever funding campaign and are now adding the DAC upgrade and Infinity perk to their devices.
  10. magliner0316
    this sounds like infinity black hole of wallet fitness forever LOL
    evillamer likes this.
  11. evillamer
    And not mention it's shaped like a pyramid or maybe sounds like one? 
  12. CaptainCB
    I am one of those feeling lost souls who contributed during the first go round. Got the Geek Soul Tube. Felt like I could believe in these guys. Hope I still can. Lots of negative things flying around right now and darn near radio silence from LH on their own forum about this. I'm hoping that my first dive into the crowd funding pool is not a case of drowning. I have never gambled a dollar in my life in Vegas... but somehow have decided to do so with LH Labs.
    Please guys... live up to what I know you are capable of.
  13. pedalhead Contributor
  14. uncola
    I'm on the vi DAC infinity plus newer ESS chip train now! Upgraded from pulse infinity. I want that giant shiny case
  15. vhsownsbeta

    +1. I can't believe I am going to put myself through another campaign, but here we go...
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