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LH Labs' gorgeous Vi Dac ( Tube + SS outputs )

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by bmichels, Feb 7, 2015.
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  1. Hercules
    When will I have my Signature Tube Stage With Cap upgrade and CCX module?
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  2. sjp770
    So... What's there any FAQ..? What happened.. I'm assuming nothing like before.
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  3. jsiegel14072
    Lots of Q just no A
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  4. louiebh
    getting answers from larry is like getting blood out of a stone
  5. stuck limo
    I have been informed the Vi DAC Tube chassis is still having issues with production at the factory. The factory is working on fixing the design which is still giving them problems (tube holes are in the wrong position). When I hear more, I'll update.
  6. Khragon
    Lol, go away. The lie is strong with this one. Funny though
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  7. sjp770
    So when they arrive do they come with the dust on them or shall I pick it up off the spot on the shelf where it's supposed to have sat for the last 4 years?

    And is this the new chassis? The simple one? They can't get that right?
    Last edited: May 22, 2019
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  8. MikeyFresh
    It's nearly as complex and daunting as the original chassis design, but they've been working hard on it since Nov. 2017.

    Once they have worked out the vacuum tube ventilation holes which were a previously unforeseen challenge, then Casey, Gavin, and Kayla will grant final design approval, at which point the machine shop estimates 30 units per month will be produced.

    However during that time the original chassis will still be in full production as per our previous verbal commitment, and no one need opt for the new design, you can still have the original Vi DAC Tube chassis design if you wish, but there are considerable production challenges with that one that Larry has scheduled a trip to China to help personally sort out. Pictures of eggs and tanks to follow.
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  9. elcato
    At this point, I'm following this thread mostly for the entertainment value of reading my fellow backers' comments :wink:
    I'll reiterate that posting a list of units sorted by waiting list rank with only a backer's initial for each unit would be helpful, but am not holding my breath!
    Have 6 DACs in the house, so I think I can survive a few more months...
  10. Hercules
    then all tube audio equipment manufacturers can't survive if all the factory can't make a tube hole properly, if the factory can engrave on egg but not make a tube hole properly must be looking into wrong factory........

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  11. jsiegel14072
    Don't forget the unforeseen 25% tariff on stuff coming from china, even though the parts were sitting in CA
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  12. EdmontonCanuck
    Wouldn't that just be another kick in the balls....finally getting notified that your Vi Dac is shipping but you'll have to pony up another $500 to receive it.

    Edit: don't take this post seriously :wink:
  13. Thenewguy007
    If the chassis has been causing so much problems, why not just change the design to a generic & cheap rectangle aluminum stamped case.
    I don't think people would be angry if the case design was changed.
  14. sjp770
    Sure, we bought a piece of art. No worries, just change that to a biscuit tin. No one would care.

    Of course we would. But a simple case and a refund for the case that wasn't delivered if they actually just give up and want us to get the product would be better than never getting anything. Can you see them refunding a cent?
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  15. erniejade
    I thought Gavin was out and not with HL anymore? Also how do so many other tube dac manufactures not have 5+++ years of issues their chassis designs ?
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