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LH Labs' gorgeous Vi Dac ( Tube + SS outputs )

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by bmichels, Feb 7, 2015.
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  1. EdmontonCanuck
    What's even more laughable is that they demanded we pay up front for shipping ($165 USD) and that was OVER 2 YEARS AGO. I am ashamed at how I got suckered into this.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
  2. jsiegel14072
    That will come back to haunt them as freight rates and cardboard box costs have be increasing at double digit rates
  3. 2MnyToys
    Have there been any updates that anyone knows about to this fiasco?
  4. stuck limo
    Not yet.
  5. aerospace33
    Although that original shipping quote seems excessive even for today's rates
  6. 2MnyToys
    Well, it's excessive anytime when you don't get what you've paid for...
  7. MikeyFresh
    More than just excessive when you charge customers via PayPal for shipping on an item you know damn well is no where near even the design completion stage, much less actually manufactured, packaged, and ready for shipment.

    That was no IGG crowdfunding scam, that was just blatant outright fraud, you can't charge someone for shipping when you aren't actually shipping them anything.

    Full disclosure: I did NOT pay LH Labs for shipping, perhaps the only smart thing I did in the entire debacle.
    marflao and BlakeT like this.
  8. bernardperu
    @stuck limo jared, any comments on the above statement?
  9. stuck limo
    No, none that would please anyone.
  10. sjp770
    At least I got my HE-560's.. although they are turning out to be the most expensive set of HE-560's ever
    MikeyFresh likes this.
  11. BlakeT
    Ohhhh, I see a beautiful "Source Pro Music Server" listed on the Light Harmonic website. It has a "reserve now" button.

    I want it!!

    Where do I send my money to reserve my unit?
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
    MikeyFresh likes this.
  12. stuck limo
    We aren't accepting reservations on that at this time, regardless of what the button says.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  13. germay0653
    The real question, Jarek, is why is it even in the Home Audio drop down in the first place? Wouldn't it behoove LH to remove it so as not to add insult to injury?
    stuck limo likes this.
  14. stuck limo
    A) I wasn't consulted on putting it on there in the first place but that button should probably be taken off the page (thanks for bringing that to my attention)
    B) I only manage the marketplace site, I don't run it or build it (I can make suggestions or consult on what to/not to offer or show or purchase options)
    C) It's on there because that's a product we will be selling at some point in the future and customers need to know what we offer or will be offering
    D) that's not the only thing we show on our site that you can't purchase at this point
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  15. germay0653
    Apologies if you believed I was calling you out for it. It was directed at LH, Light Harmonic, not you. Regardless of intentions, It's just bad customer service, from whoever manages the site, under the circumstances.
    stuck limo likes this.
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