LG V30

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ModestMase, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. ljnew
    The people at Tidal are ridiculous. Seems they're more interested in spamming with pop up ads or sales than focusing on improving Android audio quality.
  2. ljnew
    Why don't you get the V20 for a few hundred bucks? Still really good almost equal sound. http://amzn.to/2zyeRLw
  3. Jerda
  4. csglinux
  5. Jerda
    this needs root, just wait someone that will let you do that asap
  6. chillaxing

    thats what I plan to do, just waiting on the unlocked version to go back on sale. Looks like its going to be v20 for on the go and mojo (maybe hugo) for serious listening.
  7. Jerda
    i like a lot more the vivo x20 plus than the v20 :p
  8. chillaxing
    I would try one of the other audiophile phones, but i need a phone that would work on all networks in US (cdma)
  9. ljnew
  10. Pakalini
    Vivo x20 plus? What DAC it has inside? Tell us more.
  11. newtophones07
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  12. Pakalini
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  13. wonderbrah
    Man, actually keep going back and forth between Tidal on my desktop using a Fulla 2 and HD 650's and the V30 using Tidal via the UAPP app and the former definitely sounds a lot better. Maybe my ears are damaged but maxing out the V30 at volume 72, it's a good volume don't get me wrong but I wish it could go louder. But besides the volume difference, the sound quality is just not as good. Tempted to return the phone and just get a Pixel 2.
  14. TonyFro
  15. TonyFro
    To be honest I would doubt you would get a better sound out of any other phone. If you want more volume try Neutron music player, you get the hifi quality and pre amp gain.

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