LG V30

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ModestMase, Aug 28, 2017.
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  1. WailingBanshee
    Thanks for the input! I don't currently have a good portable source and I take public transit to work so perhaps the v30 is the way to go for my use case. You're right about the v20 being a good deal. Though I hear the battery is terrible and that swapping batteries is likely if you're a heavy user. I guess I will have to ponder about this some more but so far still leaning towards the v30.
  2. kundica
    Thanks for all the testing you've been doing. I just installed the paid version of Neutron but I'm still hearing the artifacts at low volume. I changed the app settings to see if I had something setup incorrectly but nothing seems to help.

    Edit: Nevermind. It seems I missed some advanced settings under Generic Driver. Per the other gentleman's linked post on the Neurton forum, I also changed these and now it works:
    1) Generic Driver = ON
    2) Generic Driver -> Hi-Res Codec = ON
    3) Generic Driver -> Hi-Res Speaker = ON
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  3. csglinux
    I've also found the USB-out finicky - especially with UAPP installed, because it always wants to grab that output :wink: I'll persevere. Just FYI though, from my testing, Neutron does something weird with DSD through the HO. It "fails cleanly" with basically no audio output if DoP is on. With DoP off, it converts to PCM at whatever the last-used sample rate was. To my ears, it doesn't sound nearly as good as DSD-out through the LG music app.

    Yes, that Neutron UI is more complicated than a 747 cockpit :wink: Glad you figured it out and thanks for your initial post. I may not even have noticed the problem if you'd not pointed it out.

    Thanks again to everybody for their feedback. You headfi folks are an awesome resource :)
  4. jusbe
    I'm coming from a Nexus 6P. Probably nothing to write home about but it was a very good smartphone all around. I've had smartphones (Apple and Android) before but I can honestly say the V30 feels like I'm getting about 3x as much device as the 6P and iPhone 5S I had before. The depth and array of capability is really something.

    All of the audio features here have been/are being discussed at length - it is surprisingly good. Then there's that 'fast' camera. And an additional wide angle lens too, to expand options. Then there's the cine log function. Then I've added some more storage and suddenly I feel like I'm getting a surprising amount of phone for my money, even at it's selling price. And that beautiful screen!

    And we haven't even got Oreo yet.
  5. chillaxing
    Mojo has warmer closed presentation. V30 has a brighter more spacious sound.

    Detail and seperation still goes to mojo. v30 is good, but mojo has the upper hand in this section.
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  6. ljnew
    I think USB Audio Player Pro fixed in the last update.
  7. csglinux
    I've been helping Davy test their latest beta. Unless you have a version newer than yesterday's build, it still doesn't work via the HO (it plays, but re-samples everything via the Android OS to 48 kHz). The good news is they're aware of the issues and are working on it :)

    I've had less success working with the folks from Tidal. They basically seem to be in denial and can't even give an indication of when they're ever going to support the V30 DAC (which they'll have to do, if MQA is ever going to work properly on their Android app). I've had even less luck with LG. I've filed numerous support requests about the 44->48 kHz upsampling and have had zero response.
  8. Swiftfalcon
    I have found PC laptop and iPad Pro 9.7 to be significantly better sources for the Mojo than iPhone 7 plus. This with all 3 devices streaming Apple Music. I guess usb output can be a factor. Do we know where the usb output of v30 stands? If it is at par with pc, fine...otherwise this gap might widen.
  9. csglinux
    I've found this with my Hugo 2 also - which was unexpected, because according to Rob Watts, the H2 shouldn't care about the digital transport. I think it may be to do with noise from the USB port. Sadly, Apple doesn't seem to care anymore about audio from their phones. They just seem to have thrown in the towel in that regard. Just imagine if they'd retained the headphone jack and put in a decent DAC and amp like LG have done...

    As for the V30, it's an excellent transport, as long as you use the right app. You don't want to do USB-out via the stock LG music app. But via UAPP, it's my current favorite transport device.
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  10. chillaxing
    I have had no problems using android or iphone for a source. I've had problems with noise when using a pc or laptop thats why i don't listen to music through a pc anymore. As for it sounding different, i don't know how that comes about when all the source is doing is just sending data to the dac for processing.

    anyways, this phone is going back today. As much as i love the thing as a whole, i couldn't get pass the two things that I think is a BIG problem, the screen and the headphone jack. Especially the headphone jack. As much as people like us abuse the jack, don't know how so many can look pass it.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  11. csglinux
    There are so many things that shouldn't make a difference, but apparently do. Jitter and RF noise are the two prime suspects via USB: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/chord-electronics-dave.766517/page-230#post-12681548

    Sorry to hear the phone didn't work out. I've had no issues with the headphone jack on mine. As for the screen - I can see the slight blue-ish tinge off-axis and in very low light, with the screen dimmed, and a plain gray background displayed on the phone, I can just about make out some slight banding. But these are all extreme situations that have no impact during my actual day-to-day use of the phone.
  12. chillaxing
    Trust me, for the past month i've been trying to talk myself into exchanging it and keeping the phone At this moment i'm still thinking about exchanging it, but my ocd kicks in knowing the problems might still be there with the new unit. I'm not trying to talk anyone out of getting this device, because it is great, but there are things for people to put into consideration.
  13. kundica
    Might be running into the same issue with Qobuz. I need to get some debug going to check.
  14. csglinux
    You get a 2-year warranty with this phone. If mine broke, I'd swap it in a heartbeat. If it got lost or stolen, I'd buy another one in a heartbeat :)
  15. csglinux
    I've never used Qobuz, but I suspect most apps will have the 44->48 kHz re-sampling issue. I'm actually amazed and very impressed that Dmitry had managed to figure a work-around for that in Neutron. But there's hope if other app devs have the will - we know it can be fixed.
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