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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ModestMase, Aug 28, 2017.
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  1. ljnew
    For some strange reason, bluetooth seems to sound better in the car. Didn't really do a thorough test though.
  2. csglinux
    Sorry for steering things slightly back to audio - I don't think I've even used the camera on my V30 yet :wink:

    The reason for this post is that there seems to be no single music app for the V30 that's optimal (or even works) in all situations. Here's my attempt at a (hopefully) not-too-techy summary of where we're at. If I'm wrong, or have missed something crucial (or if anybody knows a fix for Neutron DSD playback), please let me know.

    Ok, I give up with html tables! Here's the basic text stuff:

    LG Music app

    Plays all hi-res PCM formats without down-sampling and plays DSD via DoP
    Up-samples all 44/16 FLAC to 48/16 and outputs everything via USB as 48/16


    Plays all PCM files at original sample rate through the internal DAC (or through USB-out if the "Direct USB Driver" option under the Audio Hardware menu is set to on). DSD can also be played via USB-out with DoP on.
    DoP doesn't work via HO (no audio output). With DoP off, Neutron converts all DSD to user-given-sample-rate PCM (via both internal DAC and USB out).

    USB Audio Player Pro

    Outputs everything correctly via USB
    Can't (yet) play anything other than 48 kHz Android-resampled audio through the internal DAC

    Why does all this matter? The V30 is an awesome-sounding phone, but it sounds even better if you play files back in their native formats. On certain tracks, the audio quality improvement in native 44/16 playback on Neutron versus up-sampled 48 kHz/16 via the LG Music app is easily noticeable.

    Updated 11/11/2017. Thanks to @chillaxing for pointing out that DoP works via USB-out in Neutron.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
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  3. Houba
    If paired with the Oppo HA-2, does the V30 suffer from downsampling?
  4. csglinux
    It depends on the app you use to drive the USB-out. If you use the USB Audio Player Pro app, you should be fine :)

    P.S. But it would be interesting to see what kind of improvement you'd get in sound quality, versus just playing directly through the V30. The V30 sounds really, really good by itself. My guess is the HA-2 would be an unnecessary overkill.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2017
  5. RojasTKD
    I don't have the V30 (yet), but do have a V20 and a Note 8. The V20 does sound better than the Note 8, it not just about being able to drive high impedance headphones to louder volumes. It is a better and cleaner sound. However I wouldn't call the Note 8 "garbage". It's on par with or better than most smartphone in the audio department. The LG V series is just better than just about anything else and pretty much in a leagues of it own as a modern flagship with HiFi audio quality chops.

    If audio quality is you main concern the V30 is at the top of the list. If not and the other features of the Note 8 interest you more, then it a fantastic option. I carry two phone for work and personal so I can have both. If I could only have one it would be the Note 8, as audio on the go is a secondary concern ( have desktop dac/AMP for home use and a couple small DAPs if needed).

    You could also pickup a V20 fairly cheaply currently and maybe even more so on Black Friday if there a deal somewhere. The V20 could be used as a nice Android DAP with WiFi streaming, while the Note 8 could be a daily workhorse.

    It's just a matter of what's most important to you.
  6. scottm18
    Yes...V20 can be had for a great deal--just don't get it from Sprint!! They have confirmed having neutered the LG music app from the phone (undownloadable)--which as we've attested is the only way to listen to hi-res on the V series phone as it will likely never see Oreo! There's a reason it's only $250 in-store.
  7. csglinux
    There is one other... Neutron plays all sample-rate/bit-depth PCM files back nicely through the ESS DAC :)
  8. chillaxing

    DoP works for me on neutron. USB out to Mojo, mojo shows DSD coloring
  9. csglinux
    That's great! Could you post your settings under audio hardware?

    Do you have "DSD over PCM (DoP)" and "Direct USB Driver" both turned on?
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  10. chillaxing

    First screenshot is the most important, sec one is just showing that its working.
  11. csglinux
    My settings look just like yours. My output even looks like yours. But I get no audio output with DoP on.

    Version 1.97.4.ARM64?

    I wonder if I have some other setting on that's incompatible with DoP output...?
  12. artpiggo
    I think it is because he used with mojo but you use it directly from 3.5 mm.
  13. csglinux
    It's not working to my Hugo 2 either :frowning2:

    @chillaxing - is it working for you via USB, HO, or both?
  14. chillaxing
    its through usb.


    It might be a setting somewhere. Try resetting everything or delete and redownload the player. I've been using Neutron for awhile and find it finicky at times when connecting an external device. This what i do, connect dac without it being on, open app, turn on dac. Usually works when i do that. Sometimes with my iphone, when it doesn't see the dac, i would need to reboot the phone. the iphone is purely a transport for the mojo

    Through HO? I have no idea if its playing DSD right. But DOP is off when im using straight from HO.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  15. pumin
    chillaxing, may you please briefly compare sound characters between mojo and directly from V30 ?
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