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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. sabloke
    My Sony MDR-Z1Rs are triggering V20's High Impedance Mode which is great news. Not the best sound (MojoPoly ad DP-X1 are better, no doubt) but for a phone that you could buy for peanuts it is fantastic bang for buck ratio. Sounds even better with my Noble K10 IEMs.
  2. williamclarkonet
    Just picked up my LG v20 really enjoying my new setup!

    20190309_202046.jpg 20190309_201917.jpg

    Lg v20 w/ Spigen tough armor case
    Kz zs4 w/copper upgrade cable
    Fiio L16 3.5mm to 3.5mm
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  3. stuck limo
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  4. williamclarkonet
  5. ljnew
    Have you tried listening to the v20 without the fio a3? Fio is probably a downgrade. :)
  6. williamclarkonet
    Yeah it didn't get loud enough for me. Much louder now
  7. good sound
    The V20 didn't drive a pair of IEM's loud enough? Not familiar with the make and model, are they unusually inefficient? Have you tricked the phone into high impedance mode?
  8. williamclarkonet
    Yeah they're KZ zs4 but they only are 18 ohms
  9. williamclarkonet
    No I haven't tricked it into the High impedance mode it's in normal mode. How do you do it?
  10. ljnew
    1, if your have a removable cable, unplug your earphones or iem from them, plug the cable in first than attach the iems.


    2. install poweramp alpha to control the amp.


    3. More importantly, root your device and you can install mods and custom software.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
  11. good sound
    You should force it into high impedence mode. It's not difficult to do and it will give you much more output and by some V20 owners account, better sound.
  12. good sound
    Not too sure that any open cable will automatically present the V20 with a load over 50 ohms and subsequently trigger high impedance mode. I used a 75 ohm adaptor and a short, high quality, extension cable to initiate high impedance mode, that is when I was using my OPPO PM-3's. Now with my Campfire Audio there is no need for high impedance mode.
  13. good sound
    This is how I used to do it back when I needed to. You need a 75 ohm adaptor. This is a 3.5 mm female to male plug with a 75 ohm rating. Any adaptor rated over 50 ohms will work. You will also need a short high quality 3.5mm male to female extension cable. Make sure it is of high quality. I used a cheap one initially and I was surprised by just how much better a higher quality extension cable sounded.

    Plug the male end of the 75 ohm adaptor into the female end of the extension cable and then plug your headphones into the female end of the adaptor then plug the male end of the extension cable into your V20.This will automatically force your V20 into high impedence mode. Now remove just the 75 ohm adaptor, plug your headphone cable into the extension cable, which should still be connected to your V20 and you are good to go. It's actually much easier than my instructions make it appear to be.
  14. williamclarkonet
    Thanks for this it was really helpful!
  15. williamclarkonet
    Can you provide a link to 75 ohm adaptor i cant seem to find it cheaper they better lol
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