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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. Emulle
    That's a bummer to say the least, I wonder how that came to be?

    And yes I agree, volume steps of 5 did not go well - especially in Spotify in high impedance mode where the it could be the difference between too low or too high of a volume.
    Now I gotta get over the habit to turn on my display and adjust the volume slider that way.
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  2. LightBlue77
    Ok...v20 with Oreo here too. I mostly like it, except for some changes i don't :) it always asks me if i want to turn mobile data on and off. Which didn't happen on nougat. I get it for on, but not for off. And confirmation cannot be deactivated.

    But today i'll be getting a v30. No OS update? Surprised.
  3. Emulle
    That's a weird issue I'm yet to encounter.

    Please update us on the differences between the V30 and V20! Most notably audio-wise & perhaps camera differences. :smile_phones:
  4. LightBlue77
    Ok, first positive surprise, it has Android 8.0.0. More later.
  5. fjhuerta
    It's 2019, and I'm still enjoying my V20 as if I had bought it yesterday.

    Nevertheless, a Galaxy S9 with Dolby Atmos installed, and non-demanding headphones, is awfully close to it (or even suprasses it, with Dolby enabled). Sure, this beast can power almost any headphone you throw at it, but then again, when using as a portable, I never carry my power hungry units.

    The Galaxy S9 with a Sonata HD DAC, though, is pretty much everything I'd ever need from a phone... so I guess my V20 days are numbered...
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  6. good sound
    What is a Sonata HD DAC? Is this a special edition of the S9 with a high end DAC built in? If so is it available in Canada? You say it makes the S9 sound better than a V20?
  7. LightBlue77
    V20 just went to my wife.
    I moved to V30. Everything is better as expected. And the sound is fantastic indeed, mqa from tidal via uapp. I think the difference is made by built in hardware support for mqa. Because afaik the dac is the same. Maybe the amp section is better too. I'll have to read thru v30 thread about it. And you need good headphones.
    V20 still remains strong though.
  8. TK31
    Was just thinking, to think 2 years later this would actually be a thing with both Apple and Samsung
  9. seanc6441
  10. imeem
    how much should i pay for this phone if I am solely using this as a music player? I like it more than my galaxy note 4 and Fiio E17
  11. ljnew
    No more than $140 on Amazon see.
  12. imeem
    it's not available in Canada. But converted and according for tax, that should be around $210 CAD
  13. milford30
    At that price, you are better off looking at players like hiby r3, fiio m7, shanling m0 etc, the first 2 certainly provides better sound quality. If you insist on v20, refreb ones are around $120 USD shipped on ebay.
  14. sabloke
    If you're streaming Tidal, there's hardly anything better you can get as a DAP for a few hundred bucks. MQA decoding and 4G data, what could be better on the go than this?
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  15. ljnew
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