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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. LightBlue77
    Has anyone had this issue:
    i bought an OTG to usb-c cable and connected LG V20 to ifi micro idsd, it is detected by UAPP, it shows USB DAC under the track and artist and it plays music but with very low volume on the right channel and not to powerful on the left channel.
    Any settings i should be aware of? or is the cable of low quality...the price being 10$ i expect it should work as it transfers data. But the ifi dac is not playing it well, on windows is great.
    i thought the problem might be fixed by UAPP but with the Lg stock player i have the same behavior.
    Maybe update to Oreo fixes this?
  2. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Maybe it is underpowered.

    I could not power mine (Geek Out 1K). A powered hub solved this.

    Later thinking, why do I need another DAC? So junked the idea.
  3. LightBlue77
    it is a ifi micro idsd, has its own battery (4800mAH!) and it's better (dac and amp) than the very good internal quad dac of V20 :) amp section is waaay better. not that V20 doesn't do a good job, i very much enjoy listening directly using Audeze Lcd2 fazor.
    Anyway, the idea is it should work.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2019
  4. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Well cable works as you say. It works in Win10.

    Maybe the connector to your V20?

    Have you tried the data cable that goes along with your V20?
  5. LightBlue77
    ifi works connected to pc via its own cable.
    i found numerous reports about problems when connecting a cable to usb-c socket.
    mine has this issue: when i connect the otg cable, even if i choose file transfer or another option, it always switches back to "Power Supply" mode, meaning it will charge the device i connect to the phone.
    Music comes out from ifi dac but very unbalanced.
    i just updated to Oreo and in Developer options there is "Select USB configuration" where i can select "Audio source", but it doesn't seem to make any difference. So far it seems a bug or something broken inside the phone.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
  6. harpo1
    I'm having the same issue with the same set up. However, If I use USB Audio Player Pro the audio is normal but it is still in Power Supply mode.
  7. LightBlue77
    which means it will charge the ifi and discharge itself... If you look at the batter icon you'll see a small arrow coming out if it. that's crappy.
  8. harpo1
    Yeah I tried with my mojo as well and it won't even play music via the tidal app. I sent LG a bug report but considering how long it took them to get oreo out I doubt they'll do anything about it. I'm just glad I have an iPhone SE to use for streaming music.
  9. LightBlue77
    I'll take back what i said, seems the usb socket or dac section of ifi is broken. It is now bad when i connect it to pc too, not only to v20. Amp section still ok, via 3.5mm input.
    But i noticed the broken sound of DAC the moment i connected it to v20. So either the otg cable or the signal sent by v20 broke it.

    So far i like Oreo update, the volume is incremental by 1, not 5. And another issue it had while using Nougat is gone, it wasn't always entering high impedance mode when i was connecting a 60ohms pair of iems. Now, so far it does every time.
  10. archat68
    Does the oreo update kills the DAC when not using UAPP? I use some streaming apps which are not supported by UAPP? I also use low impedance IEMs.
    Can someone who updated please confirm?
  11. LightBlue77
    What do you mean by killing the dac? Not use it? What would be the purpose? The moment you plug the headphones, it will be used no matter the app. Even for youtube. At list this should be the default behavior and it will let you know by displaying hi-fi icon on top-right corner next to the others, volume, mobile signal, battery level.
    archat68 likes this.
  12. archat68
    Yes. A few pages back it was reported that the DAC was not used in most apps after the oreo update, although the hifi symbol was being shown there was no perceptible change in sound quality with either it switched on or off.
  13. jt25741
    I still use the V20 exclusively, and post Oreo I have not noticed this behavior ever, on any app. Hi-Fi symbol activated always clearly and audibly turns on the ESS Part (Amp/DAC path)

    EDIT : I am going back to edit this thread, as this behavior is now recurring in my phone often. The fidelity is that of the standard DAC, Hi-fi Icon is on. Gain is native.. ie..cannot drive 300ohm headphones.. Only other sign of Hifi not working is the volume doesnt depict the hifi logo when changing it. It is the normal volume slider icon. Turning on/off the Hi-fi DAC doesnt fix it. The only way to remedy this behavior is to reboot the phone! This is not fun. Something changed and is really messing with things. No firmware/updates have occured lately though.. Still on OREO 8.0
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
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  14. Emulle
    I am really enjoying Oreo, the 1 increment volume is a blessing. It might be placebo but I do find the sound more.. Lively or, perhaps.. Serene after the update, using UAPP exclusively.
    Vivaldi - Spring II Largo performed by Isaac Stern in SACD is truly sublime.
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  15. seanc6441
    My v30+ is stuck on 7.1 (idk why) luckily still has the 1 incremental volume. It was such a pain in the ass on 7.0 with 5 volume steps especially in high impedance mode...

    My v20 on the other hand has Oreo.
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