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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. Freefallr4545
    I've been doing this for so many years, but I know almost nothing about what you guys are talking about. It's ok, But what I want to say the -3db caught my eye. Could you explain in a more simpler way. If its a pain Don't bother. I'm just curious looks great BTW
  2. sabloke
    The -3dB is to reduce the potential noise introduced by the amplifier. In know, I know, it is very low anyway, but since in high impedance mode there's plenty of power to drive a 24 Ohm IEM, why not?
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  3. Gazny
    I tried searching but i wasn't able to find any info.
    Does the v20 support trrs balanced with it's quad DAC?
  4. harpo1
    No it only has a single ended headphone out jack.
  5. Zildon
    Hi all, I have decided to root my LG H990ds so I can stop the android upsampling. Does any body have any recommendations on the best process. I rooted my Samsung S3 a few years back but from what I have seen on the internet rooting the V20 does not seem very simple.
  6. Emulle
    Are you still on Nougat? Because on Oreo you do not need to root to get bitperfect sound(via USB Audio Player PRO).

    Last time I rooted I found this to be the easiest method.
    Last edited: May 14, 2019
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  7. LightBlue77
    Yes, uapp is the simplest and best solution for this.
  8. Zildon
    Thanks for the root link. I have had UAPP for a couple of years now (respect to Davy) and listen to all the music I own through it. However, I can't stream Spotify through the app. I have to subscribe to Spotify family for the kids and find it hard to justify another £20 per month so I can stream Tidal or Quobuz through UAPP. I am quite happy streaming Spotify through windows on a desktop rig but through android it is a bit muddy. I was hoping that disabling android's upsampling to 48000 khz would improve Spotify's sound through the V20.
    Yes, thanks. But not for streaming Spotify.
  9. Gazny
    Anyone have thoughts on Hi-Fi Status(lg) app? Or any other apps? Im currently using PowerAmp to play my music.
  10. Mej35
    I was hoping you guys can help me out and save me from going through 200+ pages. I just bought an LG V20 US996 and also own a pair of Sennheiser IE800 iems. My question is, what steps do I need to do to ensure I am getting the best bit perfect audio to my IE800's? TIA
  11. stuck limo
  12. Mej35
  13. stuck limo
    Poweramp doesn't do bit perfect, to my knowledge.
  14. Mej35
    A trick for those with Sennheiser IE800's if it hasn't already been mentioned. Since they have a splitter already built into the earphones, all you have to do is plug the bottom half into the v20 first and then plug the other half in order to trigger AUX mode for more power.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2019
  15. waveriderhawaii
    Me and my friend are thinking of buying one. He has the old Sansa Clip and wants to know how the audio on the V20 sounds compare to that. Anyone know?

    They are cheap now - like $128 new on eBay and $25 for a 2 year warranty.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
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