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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. macrocheesium

    I didn't know that they did a new master for each one. That still doesn't justify the cost for me, but I can appreciate what they do a little bit more.
  2. markm1
  3. torres savior
  4. MorbidToaster
    Yeah. They had a big post about it on their Facebook at one point (I'd have to dig to find it).
    Also, where are you guys getting $40 a record? I suppose depending on where you live maybe...
    My order for that LP (Odium) was just under $30 including $7.50 for shipping. Both my NeO records were $62 including $9.50 for shipping. Most of their double LPs are $28 - $33 and I don't think that's outrageous at all...Especially when you take into account their amazing customer service, and the fact these are definitely above average quality on the physical side, too. Thick jackets, flat, quiet, nicely cut vinyl.
    The shipping is the most outrageous part, but the care they take with their packaging makes it worth it, IMO. I've gotten many an LP from online order with seam splits, and I'd have paid a few bucks more to NOT have those.
  5. markm1
    First I've heard of them. Sounds good to me at first blush. But, I dig doom. Female vocals and doom work for me. Reminds me a bit of the recent female fronted occultish stoner doom trend-stuff like Royal Flush and witch mountain.
  6. suicidal_orange

    I'm in the UK and assuming $1.6 = £1 (as it's been recently) it actually cost $100 for two albums including delivery.  I think I'd best take my vinyl rig off the FS section until mid February at least!
  7. campj

    Good point, well taken. [​IMG]
  8. MorbidToaster

    Yeah...I'd love to live there...after I bought all the expensive stuff I wanted...ever. lol
    Can't help you much on that one I guess.
  9. torres savior
    Yeah, good shiz being released imo. Found a list with about every single female-fronted "occult" band (on RYM). There's a lot of "obscure" releases cataloged on their on RYMers lists and the custom charts are very useful (in my experience) btw.
    (I'm tempted to post my favorite metal albums of 2013 list in here tbh)
    Here's the list for female-fronted occult bands: http://rateyourmusic.com/list/sacredserenity/female_fronted_doom_stoner_sludge_and_occult_rock/
  10. macrocheesium
    I only have the Portal of I LP and I wouldn't consider consider it above average. Certainly not below, but it didn't have any extras and I've seen much nicer, thicker jackets and covers.
  11. MorbidToaster

    The pressing is what I meant, mainly. I never fear warps, surface noise, etc from Blood.

    Always a concern with modern vinyl.
  12. markm1
    Cool. Acid King is an old favorite stoner doom classic band in my collection. Love that sludgy massive guitar sound. Slow as molasses. Good to see them listed on page 1. Helps when your band begins with letter "A"-ha!
  13. macrocheesium
    Some good new post metal:
  14. krtzer
    Hey Guys, I'm back after a few months and I'm here to try to get you all interested in Vaura:

    Their new album is pretty damn good. They have the Kevin Hufnagel from Gorguts/Dysrhythmia and Toby Driver from Kayo Dot. 
  15. Redcarmoose
    The thing with vinyl is that there is a tone which is not present in the Cd. So that difference is not 10%, it's 100%. I still have most of my metal on CD as it was the only way to get the music. Also CD is a compression standard. They sat around and thought out what Redbook should be. The bass on vinyl is just better if it has been done right. Sadly some vinyl is just not mastered right. The only time you know is to read reviews before buying. Some vinyl is crap never getting to the true potential the format offers. I purchased Black Sabbath number one in 1976 on vinyl after listening to the cassette for three years earlier. I didn't even have a CD player till about 2000.

    The trick is to get your system and your mind to where you can listen to everything and enjoy it. I will never forget when I discovered that only 1% of all my CDs sounded decent on my system. A good system can actually have you judge your whole collection for the worse. The trick is to try and enjoy everything. It is kind of like video where you can enjoy YouTube just as well as 1080p on a big screen,

    One of the major difference I see now is good metal vinyl is only pressed in limited production. You have from 1000 to 3000 copies made. The cool part is that great albums do get a couple pressing runs. I guess there is no way to get around the expense of vinyl nowadays.

    Good CD players can really make CDs sound better if your system can resolve the detail. The Rega line seems to make CDs sound warmer, also tube equipment can make CDs more smooth to listen to. It is always finding a balance between mushy to warmth and warm detail. I just saw a great graph were a fellow Head-fier placed all the amps he heard in a range from cold as steal to sloppy warm. The interesting part was he had an entire group of amps which were acceptable in the middle.
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