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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. campj
    Metal picked me about 18 years ago, so uh, no going back.

    Can anyone recommend a decent turntable? I prefer something with phono stage built in. :)
  2. Pritolus
    Thanks! I did have a good spot, and there was even room to push closer to the stage. The venue was relatively small, but crowded.
    I just stumbled across this whilst roaming YouTube:

    I've always thought metal could do with more classical instruments [​IMG] 
  3. wrathzombie
    I am pretty sure, this was posted earlier (one or two years back in the same thread)
  4. MorbidToaster
    My Black One and WITTR BBC LPs showed up today.
  5. campj
    Just got this in an email:

    Greetings Jon,
    Bolt Thrower just released War Master [Full Dynamic Range Edition], http://earache.bandcamp.com/album/war-master-full-dynamic-range-edition?from=fanpub_fb

    I really hope Earache continues to do this.
  6. Fido2
    i dont mean to be argumentative but I am having an extremely difficult time believing metal records are being mastered and engineered so well. Do you have any links to support this or is this just based on subjective listening experiences? It takes a great deal of knowledge, experience and expense to do vinyl well and metal is a niche genre for the most part...so I'm wondering how much of this is hype? I totally totally understand the collectible side of vinyl with the cool artwork and the rarity of limited pressings and all that....but 100% better SQ and best mastering ? Come on. Can I come over and hear for myself? :D
    campj....trust me...save your money and invest in better digital. Vinyl is a piece rock dragging thru a tiny groove in a piece of plastic for petes sake...lol...like I said I have a nice vinyl rig and have plenty of awesome sounding albums but good digital is much more convenient and generally a better investment if you're just into the sound and the music. IMO
  7. Fido2
     that  looked like a very fun show! excellent filming there bud!
  8. campj
    Yeah, I like Bandcamp too much. Most my cash will go towards new headphones. Maybe some shirts too. My wife just bought me these:

  9. MorbidToaster
    That Ulcerate shirt is AMAZING. Oh my god.
  10. Trogdor

    They are not, most vinyls share the same master as their CD counterparts and as a result, sound WORSE! (yes, WORSE)

    But they seem to BE MORE candidates that get less compressed less than their digital counterparts

    Fido2, I want you to think about it for a second from an artist/label's perspective:

    Vinyl is niche so the same rules don't apply with respect to loudness and competing on an iPhone. Also vinyl has a hard time being pressed if its THAT clipped (I'm talking DR2/3 territory here). Furthermore, a lot of smaller labels reach out to specialized analog friendly ones that pay for a different master. The result is typically a better sounding master.

    Btw, we will have more about this on Metal-Fi (I'm trying to get multiple projects done and its been tough with the holidays and such).
  11. Trogdor

    They come out faster than we can review them!
  12. MorbidToaster
    You're perfectly welcome to come over and hear it for yourself.
    You may think Metal is niche and vinyl even more so, but Metal has been one of the few genres that kept making vinyl throughout the 'dead' years. They were very small pressings, and they're now stupid overpriced. But the pedigree is there.
    As for you suggestion...I had a 6,000 USD digital source in my house for about a month (Cantata Music Center). It sat next to a record player I paid under 2k for (both running through a Liquid Lightning and 009s). I had quite a few metal CDs next to their vinyl counterparts. These included Gojira's L'Enfant Sauvage, Enslaved's RIITIIR, and Katatonia's Dead End Kings (all of which I think Metal-Fi has written about as well).
    I picked the LP (quite easily) every time. This was when I was skeptical and had just dipped my toes in on a good deal I found locally. I was ready to BUY this digital source I had on loan...and it's still the best I've heard to date.
    I'd suggest investing in a good redbook CD player and a stellar vinyl rig if you're a metal head. That's what I've done. Won't be going back to just CDs anytime soon.
  13. Redcarmoose
    I just found some pretty cool headphones that go with Metal. Urbanears Zinken are some portable on ears that can get loud and sound good with Metal from an iPod or iPhone product. I see em for sale list for $140 but because they maybe are new, they can be purchased for way way less.

    Rairly do I find a product that sounds this good with Metal.They have an innovative plug system where the mini plug gets plugged into an iPhone and the standard goes into the earpiece! When your home you reverse the plug and plug standard into your amp and the mini goes into the other side of the phones, if you can believe?

    $59.00 at Target!
  14. markm1
    Morbid Toaster,
    Are there non redbook CD's that are sold?  My understanding is Redbook just refers to the industry standards/specs. So, whenever you purchase an original CD from a label, store, Amazon, etc. it should be redbook?  Do I have that correct? Vs burning a CD which of course would not be a professional product -just a rip you do with your own gear. So, you go out and pick up the new Carcass or QOTSA or whatever from FYE or Best Buys-there should not a question as to whether its a Red Book CD.....?
    Second question-Are today's standard CD players made by reputable companies automatically Redbook players? My assumption would be yes.
  15. MorbidToaster

    For the most part, yes. Sometimes you'll get something from a company (isn't too common in metal, but it happens) that has a Redbook layer and a hi-res layer. I've got a few DVD-As and SACDs. I think Opeth had a hi-res release of some sort?
    I was mainly making the point that you don't need to worry about say, SACD capabilities for most metal.
    Unless it specifies otherwise, yes, a CD player is a redbook player.
    Although if you're into live shows there are more and more metal blurays coming out lately and you could get a nice universal player like an Oppo.
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