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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. Fido2

    Hey campj,
     I am loving the TH600 with my metal music. I am using the Bryston BHA-1 amp and it's a phenomenal pairing. The BHA-1 so far makes all my phones sound good. Its the best amp I've owned to date. No the midrange isnt "sucked out" but the TH600 is not a midrange-centric phone either. The TH600 bass is incredible and as u know most metal recordings are a little thin on bass so this helps. Even poor recordings don't sound half bad on the TH600/BHA-1 combo. As we all know source components matter as well.
    I also agree on the vinyl vs CD issue. I've found practically no metal albums that sound better than their CDcounterpart. Metal music by and large doesnt put a lot of engineering into the SQ of their recordings. So it's much more convenient to just pop in the CD. Fellas their are some great CD players out there. I love mine. But the Bryston BCD-1 is also very good. My point is good digital can sound as good as good vinyl nowadays. Vinyl rigs are much pricier and more finicky in my experience. I love my vinyl as well but just sayin...
  2. MorbidToaster
    I've got mine ordered. Waiting on this, Kauan (LP + CD), Kalmah, and Ensiferum (both albums).
    ...Blood Music robs me every time. It's rare they release something I don't buy. Still so hype for the Moonsorrow box.
  3. negura
    I have finally cought up with the thread. Phew. A lot of good finds from here that made it into my regular playlist. Thanks a bunch! Metal must be my de-facto genre, but since audiophilia I got into more genres than ever before.
    Is it weird that I really really enjoy metal with the SR-009s? For some reason the HD800s never kick in for me in the same way with this genre. My second and third preference with metal are in order SR007s MKI and LCD-3s.
    Currently enjoying:
    Flashgod Apocalypse - Labyrinth.
  4. campj

    Great to hear that. I haven't written them off totally, I'll just come at them a little more critically. As long as the mids aren't totally recessed, I think I'll like them. Bryston gear is a bit too pricey for me, so why don't you mail me yours and we should be set! :wink:

    Anyone into Meshuggah? I didn't get into them until about a year ago, and boy was I missing something special in death metal! Their rhythms are so strange. My favorite songs are In Death Is Life/In Death Is Death, Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion, Closed Eye Visuals, and Dancers to a Discordant System.
  5. MorbidToaster

    Why would it be weird?
  6. negura
    I am interested how others found the combination. Previously I was inclined to pick a warmer headphone with metal, as there is synergy. This is the exception for me.
  7. Hyperfluxe
    Very good music to lift to for sure. I squatted 425lbs for a double the other day while listening to Meshuggah. Outside of that I listen to them sometimes but I find it pretty boring, they have a pretty repetitive chugging sound.
  8. MorbidToaster
    I loved it when I had my 009s and LL. People would think they don't pair well because they're so revealing and transparent, but that's wrong.
    Honestly I loved it. With most music you can look past the flaws and still appreciate that awesome detail they offer. I only ran into 2 albums I couldn't enjoy on them...and one was a horrible master of Abbey Road.
  9. macrocheesium
    I would have if everything they sell wasn't so expensive. I know what they do isn't easy, but $40+ a record after shipping is unacceptable for me.
  10. campj

    Stupid. That is way too much for one album. It might be 'cool' and sound 3% better than the FLAC files, but that is way too much.
  11. macrocheesium
    I paid that much for their Ne Obliviscaris pressing because I really loved that album, the artwork, and there was going to be a very limited supply. For me it was worth it even if it didn't sound better than the CD. In most cases that would be way too much.
  12. MorbidToaster
    If you buy more than 1 at a time it's less. They are the best shippers in the business, and they're a REALLY small operation.

    You guys also have to consider that they REMASTER EVERY ALBUM FOR VINYL. They do it right. They don't just cut a CD master to vinyl.

    3% more my foot, by the way. You're dilusional (or have never heard these albums) if you can only quantify a 3% improvement.
  13. suicidal_orange
    $40 a record?!  I was briefly am tempted by the thought of properly mastered Ensiferum but at that price I'll be looking at import tax as well as expensive international shipping
    EDIT: They're in Finland - no tax!  Still, over £60 for two albums... hard to stomach but I wont be able to listen to the other one if one sounds way better... damn you head-fi...
  14. campj
    I am not delusional... I have never heard them on vinyl, but unless they are 400-500% better, it doesn't really justify the cost. 3% was an exaggeration.
    It's your money, man, you're free to spend it how you want. In the past I made purchases that'd most likely sound absurd to you... I bought a $3K mountain bike ten years ago, and spent a couple thousand on tarantulas and scorpions back before our second daughter was born. Don't feel bad that I think $40 for a record vs $7 for an MP3 sounds nuts.
  15. MorbidToaster
    Yeah, but this entire hobby is built on excess (okay for the most part). Maybe not 400-500% better, but of ANY improvement you can make, better source material is the most significant I've ever found (Metal being the most extreme example of this). If you're looking to always get improvement relative to the amount you spend, you'll be disappointed when it comes to gear, too. It's all about chasing that last 20%.
    You could get a new DAC, new headphones, new amp, and fancy cables to go round, but if you're still listening to the same brickwalled MP3 master it's still gonna sound like crap. (And as your gear gets better it's even more obvious how poor some of the masters really are)
    If you're willing to get spendy for the gear, why not get spendy for the thing you're buying all that stuff for in the first place?
    Then again, if you've got other priorities I understand how it could sound crazy.
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