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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. Hyperfluxe
    What didn't you like about the HD598's for metal, lack of bass? Just curious.
  2. markm1
    Finally you post something I've actually heard-What is this schiiit-clean singing? Well, kind of-ha, ha!
    Actually, I think it's a fun listen....more of a rock record in a way.
  3. suicidal_orange
    Interesting. I got the limited edition pink(?) vinyl of Orchid and it didn't impress me anywhere near as much as Damnation on the same rig.  Maybe I should give it another listen...
    As in my signature I use Tera player -> Tzar 90 on the go (most of the time) or at home iBasso DB1 -> PB2 -> balanced modded Denon AH-D5000 (recently downsized from a Beresford Caiman -> CTH due to lack of home listening)
    Never heard the HD598 but I had the 595 for a while which from what people here are saying here sounds similar - I liked it for metal when not in the mood for lots of bass and it didn't need an amp to sound good.  Comfy too!
  4. Redcarmoose
  5. keepitsimple

    carcass and morbid angel worship-i like this-sick vocals
  6. keepitsimple
    Im a member of another forum full of vinyl buffs.A very knowledgeable crowd.They say to keep off coloured vinyl and pic disks and only go for black vinyl.Someone was on about the iron maiden pic disks sounding like ****.
  7. keepitsimple

  8. macrocheesium

    I have color disks that sound great. Picture disks, not so much.
  9. MorbidToaster

    Color discs are great. I've never had a problem. Picture discs are mostly awful.
  10. suicidal_orange

    That sounds like a handy forum... seems I was on the right lines with looking online but sticking to black sounds like an easy start.  Cheaper too [​IMG]
  11. Angelbelow
    Overall presentation. Thought it was too laid back for my taste. Definitely prefer the grados in your face type of presentation more. Although I have the he 500s now and think they're excellent.

  12. Redcarmoose

    The grey swirl Enslaved vinyl sounds better than anything. Color doesn't matter but picture disks are always bad.
  13. MorbidToaster
    The In Flames picture discs beg to differ, but mostly, year.
    As for Enslaved...the RIITIIR LPs are FANTASTIC.
  14. Pritolus
    My signature really says it all, I think.
    At home I use my excellent Denon AH-D7000 powered by a Woo Audio WA6, with a Hegel HD11 DAC as source. Sounds magnificent!
    My speaker setup is also good for metal: JBL LS80 floorspeakers bi-amped with a Harman Kardon AVR 355 surround reciever and an old Adyton power amp, and two XTZ W12.16 12" active subs . Sometimes I turn on the rest of my surround system (JBL LS40 surround speakers and JBL LS Center center speaker) for immersive/ambient 5ch stereo.
    Out and about I use my excellent Colorfly Pocket Hi-Fi C4 Pro music player (all .wav 16/44.1kHz CD rips), normally together with my Sennheiser Momentums. Because the C4 Pro is so good (and has a proper fullsize 1/4" jack output) I sometimes bring my D7000s along instead [​IMG] 
  15. macrocheesium
    I don't own this, but I had to save it when Blood Music posted the picture. Best looking LP I've ever seen.
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