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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. wrathzombie
    Maybe its just me, but I love Pig Squeals and I love Drummer vocalists
  2. ferday
    Juscifer....overlooked female vocals, and she can growl with the best at times!
  3. suicidal_orange
    Thanks markm1, but I came looking for "band + orchestra" - vocals are optional [​IMG]
    Tristiana is too operatic for me and the mention of Katatonia makes me think they'll be depressing, but I'll give the goths a go.  I'd take proggy over crushing DM most days...
  4. Kirnupiima
    I'm loving the new Karnivool album right now. I can pretty much sing Sound Awake while listening but this certainly is a more difficult as an album. Not much to hold on to at first.
    The bass, oh gods the bass sounds so good again! So lovely they mixed it so loud again. Where is the vinyl master huh?
    And here you go: The new Oranssi Pazuzu album in full available on metalhammer.
  5. keepitsimple
    Yes i intend to get all of Nokturnal Mortums discography.what other bands do you recommend.
  6. markm1
    Right on-I loved their 2008 release--the long French title I'm too lazy to look up that's all about the French Revolution.  Have you heard their current release? Just curious....
  7. ferday

    Yup I have it, it's a bit of a departure...much heavier overall with mostly growls and very little clean singing. I like it but not as much as some of their other stuff
  8. markm1
    OK- That's a harder order....So metallica with strings kind of thing.
    Gathering may not what you're looking for, but those are really good albums. Maybe not as orchestrated as what you want, but not opera at all-just good female vocals. And, not depressing like Katatonia (although I'm a big K fan). Gathering-If_Then_Else in particular is terrific. I think progressive and symphonic are fair to describe, maybe a little alternative rock as well. It's not a real heavy album. But, it's in the metal genre. However, not w/ full blown orchestra.
    for whatever reason a lot of these symphonic metal acts go for the opera or DM. I think Therion started that trend. I also have Therion's Gothic Kabbalah which is less operatic, but also less symphonic. I'd give that a thumbs up.
    I'm guessing your not interested in symphonic black metal, like Dumbo burger, er, I mean Dimmu borgir....etc. However, there is an artist-Angtora who is kind of interesting. 2005 release-Angtora-God Has a Plan for Us All. No-it's not Christian metal. Angtora is a project of Sarah Jezebel Deva who was a go to female singer that a bunch of extreme metal bands used on their albums...she sang a lot for COF and has a strong voice. Angtora is symphonic metal.
    Tiamet's Wild Honey is a classic in symphonic metal, but also not full blown orchestra.
    For a full blown orchestra I really like Virgin Black - Requiem - Mezzo Forte (2007). But, that is opera for sure. So much so that they actually hired a full blown orchestra and professional opera singers. But, it's pretty damn cool. ....and I say that as someone that NEVER, NEVER, NEVER listens to straight opera.....I promise you that :)
    It's pretty much classical music with doom, but is pretty "depressing" as well
    Wow-I guess I listen to a lot of depressing music
  9. Tom Yum Goong
    Nokturnal Mortum? Isn't that some filthy Nazi Black metal?
  10. keepitsimple
    ^its the music mate.i could not care less about their political views or their lyrics.not interested.just the music.[​IMG]
  11. Tom Yum Goong
    Just knowing what they might be singing about kills it completely for me.
    And buying anything from these bands/supporting them?
    Not in a million years.

    At least everybody here is sane enough not to post *** like this here in this thread.
  12. markm1
    It's a little dicey with Black Metal-a genre most of us here probably enjoy and espouses hatred, nihilism. To me-generalized disgust with humanity is fine. Disgust with religion...I'm OK with that.
    If I know a band generalizes to specific groups of people-say...oh, I don't now...anyone who isn't WHITE...I believe we call that white supremacy....then I call Bull **** and I'm out.
  13. Origin89
    I guess it's just how far you want to take the hatred. If you can hate on a religion then why is it such a big step to hate on a race? I don't do either, I'm just saying - hate is hate. I think there comes a point when any type of hatred is intolerable because it all stems from ignorance.
  14. Redcarmoose
    Metal is going to have everything in it I think. All the aspects of human nature. Maybe not so many sweet love songs, but it is about togetherness and brotherhood as well as forms of hate. I love the rebel aspects the.most. The nonconformity with the norm. It's also very much middle class working music.
    Kirnupiima likes this.
  15. keepitsimple
    [​IMG]Im sorry if i have offended anyone here[​IMG].
    Its always been just about the music for me guys.Im a very peacful person.
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