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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. Trogdor
    Nokturnal Mortem does not sing about nor really outwardly advertise their NSBM inclining. Their personal beliefs I don't care about.

    So go right ahead with Mortem, its no big deal.

    Other bands like Peste Noire and Fanisk, that's a different story.
  2. MorbidToaster

    Blake Judd finally arrested.
  3. markm1
    Can you fill in the clueless...me
    He's the dude from Nachtmystium right? What's the charge....curious.
  4. MorbidToaster
    He's been stealing from fans and friends for years. Promising things from test pressings to stuff as simple as tshirts. Thousands of dollars worth of scams. They're quite documented on various forums.
    And yes, it's the dude from Nachtmystium.
  5. macrocheesium
    Agree 100%.
    I'm with keepitsimple, for me it's about the music. I don't think it's good to harbor extreme hatred, but I also don't think listening to music that does makes you any worse of a person. I don't agree with half the lyrics I listen to. When you start thinking it's OK to hate some things but not others... well somehow that seems worse.
  6. ferday
    peste noire?  they actually have a somewhat unique take on nationalism, IMO....slightly less narrow minded (as i understand it from interviews etc.).  i don't know fanisk at all
  7. Tom Yum Goong
    To me, NSBM and your typical "all christians etc are dumb blabla" Black Metal is just not the same.
    It is one thing to sing about Jesus being a stupid whatever, but something completely different to glorify the killing of millions of innocent humans in disgusting songs like Auschwitz Rules.
    The music can be as good as it wants to be, but like I said, even knowing what these people might be singing about there, just kills it for me. No chance that I will listen to things like this.
    And when it comes to bands that play "normal" Metal without any questionable lyrics, but have members who clearly sympathize with Nazis etc, I will stay away from this band too. Who knows what this person might do with the money he got from the CD I purchased?

    And if bands want to spread their disgusting ideologies through their music...that is just the worst.

    Call me overly political correct, but I can't stand *** like this.
  8. markm1
    I guess what I was trying to express was the difference between large organizations/corporations/entities/social structures vs. individuals.
    So some abstract notion about Satanism doesn't bother me-I don't self identify with any religion and frankly if you're touchy about anti Christian sentiment....then you probably don't want to listen to Black Metal!
    Or feelings of misanthropy-or even fantasies of annihilating the human race-just feel like a fantasy. But when you focus your anger at a group-the anti Semitism of some strains of European nationalism would be the obvious one to me...but it could be any immigrant group that cause conflict in Europe or immigrant groups in the U.S. ...or good old fashion American racism.....then it just feels different to me.
    So, go ahead....rage against the machine....but if you start talking about go back to Africa or we don't like people that speak Spanish, or the holocaust never happened etc.then I'm not going to listen to your music.
    I like what Recarmoose about brotherhood and being in something together. Makes me think of a lyric from  one of my favorite albums last year-Kreator-Phantom Antichrist. So there are photos of horns and goats. There's songs like United in Hate, Death to the World and Civilization Collapse....but they don't seem to target any group. On one song, From Flood Into Fire, the chorus says: Let us be part of the cure, not part of the plague. We'll only be remembered for what we Create.
    So amid the anti Christian iconography and nihilism there's a sense of some kind of obligation to make things better on this planet which in the end I believe is kind of the point of being alive.
    Just my rambling thoughts.
  9. macrocheesium
    Yet the entire idea behind that improvement is purging the human race from the planet. Some paradox. :p
  10. markm1
    Agreed-but at least their not writing about exterminating immigrants or such white supremacist non sense. Purge the human race except for everyone united with metal.
  11. Tom Yum Goong
    That sounds like Manowar.
  12. Origin89
  13. wrathzombie
  14. markm1
    I knew it sounded cheesy. Good think I don't write lyrics. I'll keep my day job.
  15. ferday
    I am so enjoying the new gorguts album, this is making my year list for sure!
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