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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. modulor
    Got to see TesseracT and Cult of Luna last night... [​IMG] Finally got my copy of Vertikal II as well.  Damn good show!
  2. Trogdor

    Saw this show too. Cult of Luna was phenomenal live.
  3. markm1
    I'm jealous! Does CUL sound tranlate pretty well live? I hope you post your impressions of Vertikal II vs the full length.
    I'm starting to really enjoy the new TesseracT release. The vocals took me a few listens. Thanks to everyone on this thread who recommended it. I don't think I would have picked it up otherwise.
    And, after some of the recent posts, since I've been on my 70's prog binge, I'll have to check out Camel. Never heard of them prior. I'm indulging a 3 CD 35 year anniversery anthology of Yes.....uh, no-not metal at all :)
  4. modulor
    I'd say so, if anything their floor projected lighting was really fitting to the already encompassing atmosphere they created.  Definitely suited their newer material really well.  I think the mixing was a little off on the synth, sounding a bit odd at times but other than that it was excellent.  Having never heard TesseracT before (despite how much it's mentioned here [​IMG]) they were also pretty impressive live so I picked up their new Altered State LP.
  5. Accoun
    New Ephel Duath song.
    Not sure. I like the instuments, but that vocal... I'd have to get used to it...
    Also, mad as hell. Missed both Nile and Siberian Meat Grinder gigs because of health problems (only a cold, but strong enough to make me not go). I was so excited for them.
    Not the first time and sadly not the last... ;_;
  6. markm1
    cool-Metalsucks has a post about that album having a lot of crossover potential which I can see. Definitely a "rock" aspect to their sound.
  7. Tom Yum Goong
    The song is...okay.

    I know that feeling :frowning2:
    Missed Devin Townsend last year because I felt like breaking my wrist a day before the concert.
    Boy, was I happy!
  8. Redcarmoose
    Anyone getting into the new Korn? Don't be shy. We're all friends here.
  9. wrathzombie
    LOL.. I never got into Korn.. The only song I like is 'Twist' and 'Adidas' which are old.
  10. Accoun
    I liked Freak On A Leash. It had that kinda interesting atmosphere. Also, Y'all Want A Single was OK - the music video was nice, too even if kind of edgy. Fuels The Comedy from that last album was good, too.
    I never really got into them, though.
  11. MorbidToaster

    Their Unplugged album was their best work. They did Freak on a Leash with Amy Lee on it and it was excellent.
  12. Redcarmoose

    I actually really start to like em back in 03. I have a ton of their CDs. This new album is great! Not getting a Korn tattoo though.:p
  13. modulor
  14. keepitsimple
    New album is excellent if you like BM

  15. keepitsimple
    Ive also neglect this band until now

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