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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. keepitsimple
    Lars Ulrich was well into these.They were strong in their time.

  2. Accoun
    Seen them live, like 2 years ago. Still were pretty damn good. :-D
  3. ferday

    Their first album will be part of the history books, that rewrote a lot of the rules and is a masterpiece

    I stopped listening/caring after freak on a leash, I'll try the new one though!
  4. suicidal_orange
    Does anyone know of any "metal band plus orchestra" albums other than Metallica - S&M and Dream Theater - Score?  It's a strange combination but I'm really liking these at the moment...
  5. markm1
    Love that album.....great thrashy blackness....
  6. Redcarmoose

    Maybe look at what Therion put out in 2004. I always liked those better than S&M or Dream Theater.

  7. markm1
    +1 for Redcarmoose's recommendation Therion Lemuira/Sirius B for symphonic metal. If I had to pick one album (that's a double disc) I'd go with that. If you like Therion's sound they have a number of very good releases. I would also recommend Secret of the Runes among others.
    I'd also throw in Tristania's Beyond the Veil and World of Glass and even Illumination. But this is goth metal. Veil and Glass has some DM  vocals-beauty and the beast styyle. . Ashes is also very good w/ slighly BM vocals. Illumination is basically a cleanly sung-beautiful famale vocals goth/symph metal album but more rock.
    And, you might consider Nighwish-Oceanborn, Once and Century Child are all very good.
  8. modulor

  9. suicidal_orange
    Thanks for the recommendations guys, I'll definitely check out Therion. 
    I'm not usually keen on female fronted metal bands due to the opera style singing but wont write them off without a listen - there is a slim chance they might sing normally afterall!
  10. wrathzombie
  11. keepitsimple
    I adore early therion when they were death metal.they are pretty good now but ive somewhat neglected them.
  12. keepitsimple
    Jesus thanks guys.You all have gr8 tastes.In the woods are amazing-superb atmosphere.does anyone here like 
    Nokturnal Mortum.​

    Also i know its been mentioned before but moonsorrow are amazing too.Keep on rocking.​

  13. modulor
    Big Nokturnal Mortum fan here [​IMG] I particularly enjoy Ukrainian and Slavic BM in general.  Drudkh is a must listen as well:

  14. modulor
  15. markm1
    Then stay away from Nightwish--you probably already know that!
    If you like good, but non-operatic female vocals, The Gathering was a really amazing slightly proggy and nearly always interesting band....not praticularly heavy...but really good in their prime. Creative, symphonic and classy are words that sometimes describes Gathering. The voclaist, Anneke (sp?)  doens't sing in Nightwish Opera Mode. They went through a few changes over the Years.
    Mandylion and Nightime Birds are considered goth metal classics. But, I wouldn't even limit them to goth-that word gives me the creeps and makes me think of androgynous teenagers with black nails. 
    How to Measure a Plannet and  If/The/Else are five star rock/metal albums in my book. In fact, in my library, I rate those two albums as essential heavy rock music-classic to me that defy catagories.
    They are not crushing DM, tho! Think more recent Katatonia or something w/ female vocals.
    And, if you haven't heard Beyond the Veil by Tristania...even if you just stream it....it's worth a listen.
    One man's two cents on female vocals in heavy music. But, hey I've been diggin on the first three Heart albums....I can be pretty old school!
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