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LCD-2 and LCD-3 Owners - which aftermarket cable do you use?

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  1. gogogasgas
    As I'm not officially in the LCD-2 club as yet (though Fedex tell me I soon will be!), I can't comment from first-hand experience. However, there are a number of posts on HeadFi that refer to a slight reticence in the LCD-2s at the higher end of the audio spectrum. The measurements of the LCD-2s I have seen on this site seem to bear this out - a slight drop-off in the higher frequencies. Perhaps this what the HeadFi-ers are hearing. As for the balanced Vs single ended question: I thought the whole reason audio pros and audio enthusiasts pursued balanced connections was because of the improved sound quality. Isn't the issue a 'given'? (BTW from underneath Scooter's post, I see that he uses both a Phoenix and a balanced B22 for headphone amplification)
  2. kwkarth

    Waaaaay back when the LCD-2 were introduced I told everybody what sort of power these would need to really shine and everybody laughed me to scorn.  Seems like people are finally starting to wake up.
  3. kwkarth

    The pursuit of balanced connections is really all about noise immunity.  There is no roll off in the highs of the LCD-2, but there isn't a peak either, which most other headphones have.
    Hopefully, you'll discover this for yourself when your LCD-2s arrive.  Happy listening!
  4. scootermafia
    The LCD-2s don't need as much knob as HD800 to reach the same volume, but they do sound their best balanced.  Balanced amps tend to have higher power outputs, which make them sound better, besides the noise rejection parts of it.  The Phoenix is my backup amp, I only use it to test cables, although its 3 pin outs sound great; its 1/4" output is an afterthought and so it's not a great example of a good 1/4" amp powering LCD-2s, just evidence of the more the merrier regarding power.  
  5. kwkarth

    So, what is it about a balanced amp that makes the LCD-2s sound their best?
  6. Wedge
    I have heard the LCD-2 balanced and unbalanced, however not necessarily through the same amps.  I think the LCD-2 perform well through either, and its really more dependent on the amplifier, than the wiring choice of the LCD-2 IMO, the Leben is single ended and sounds great, the WA-22 is balanced and also sounds great.
  7. gogogasgas
    [​IMG] Lcd2fr.jpg
    Although VERY flat in comparison to many headphones, there is a noticeble dip starting from 1K to 2K. The frequency response bobs up and down through to 20K. The main point - in the higher frequencies, the LCD-2 could/may sound a little recessed in comparison to the mids and lows.
  8. MacedonianHero Contributor

    The lowered treble response was by design to account for the fact that the drivers are right next to your ears (unlike speakers). Notice that they are very well extended to 20kHz. I have yet to see a set of headphones measure that well. Throw in the square wave response at 50Hz and 500Hz....just amazing how Audeze was able to do this.
  9. scootermafia
    Some SE amps are just overpowered for headphones, big tubes amps like the WA5 and so on.  Balanced drive by definition provides twice the power, as it has four channels instead of two and the 2 grounds are actively driven.  
  10. kwkarth


    I don't believe you realize what you're looking at.
    • The general shelf starting at 1kHz is part of the engineered voicing to meet HRTF requirements
    • The "bobs" that you refer to are obvious resonances of the artificial ear canal used in the measurement of the headphone.  This type of standing wave problem is common to virtually all headphone response measurements made in this manner and is well understood by all who are familiar with these methods. 
    rrahman likes this.
  11. kwkarth

    • Twice the power of what?
    • Four channels?  No there are two channels, left and right.  Grounds?  Where do you think the power goes that is emitted from the "+" terminal of the amp? 
  12. gogogasgas
    Yes - I know what has been said about the voicing of the LCD-2s to allow for the proximity of the headphone cup/speaker to the ear and most of Kwarth's comments - all true. I should have put a caveat in bold text next to my post.
    Could the 'darkness' that some Head-Fi-ers are noticing be connected to some brands (also the stock item?) of copper cables? Could some cables exaggerate the frequency response of the LCD-2 by tampering with the mids and rolling off the highs? That's why I think silver cable would be a goer. Being basically neutral, a quality silver cable shouldn't add to the darkness issue. Quite the opposite - silver cables should get out of the way and really let the LCD-2s shine.
  13. Chigorin
    I'm not an owner of the LCD-2's, but I have been following this thread for a while, just passively observing the comments and it appears we have some feedback on the ALO Audio silver/copper cables, the Moon audio Blue and Silver Dragon's, the black magic's, Norse cables, and a few others.  It would appear that the people that have had the opportunity to audition the various cables are saying that the Alo Audio Silver/copper cables are the best choice in terms of SQ but seemed to be tied with the Black Magic according to a few posters...... Right?  I just want a very clear poll of Head-fier opinions as of now, seeing that owners have had time to listen and judge the SQ of their cables, and who knows, perhaps opinions have changed.  It would also appear that the Silver Dragons have been returned by at least two people in favor of other cables.  There have been no opinions of the Zeus silver cables as of yet because of their prices and lack of information as to the design of their cables.  It also appears that for the LCD-2's the majority of people are saying that Silver is the way to go, seeing as the stock cable is already made of decent copper, thus a greater difference in SQ would be heard with Silver, seeing as it's a better conductor.  Some have said that the choice of cable material depends on the source and Amp.  But majority lies with Silver.  So:  If I were to make a list of the cables that are to be considered the "best" in terms of SQ (ignoring other things like comfort, weight, etc)  would that list look something like this: ?
    1.  Alo Audio Silver/Copper combo
    2. Black magic Cable (perhaps tied with ALO seeing as the differences are small)
    3. Norse audio cable?
    help me make the list more accurate! and longer/more complete!  All of this is based on the owner's experience, and I'm just guessing here from reading all of the posts, again I'm not an owner just a curious observer trying to organize the leading cables in terms of SQ.  I'm also curious about the Piccolino cable which was mentioned a couple times in this thread which has Gold in it?!  whoa.  We need some head-fier hands on experience/opinions with those cables and the LCD-2!  if possible, it looks iffy atm though.  I look forward to more opinions about cables!  This is one of the more interesting discussions going on at head-fi right now IMO....   [​IMG]
  14. Skylab Contributor
    IMHO, the Mood Audio Silver Dragon should be on that list.
  15. nigeljames
    And the Whiplash Audio  TWAG-2 [​IMG]
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