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LCD-2 and LCD-3 Owners - which aftermarket cable do you use?

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  1. Jalo
    Dave, I have the Piccolino for the JH13 only.  But I am trying to get one made for the LCD2 in the next few weeks.  I'll pm you with regard to price.  Didn't want to side track this thread.
  2. daveDerek Contributor
    James, are you running the piccolinos balanced or se on the jh13s? i wonder if they have the same difference between se and balanced that is seen with other cables. i'd love to hear your impressions about the piccolinos on both the hd800s as well as the lcd2s.
  3. Jalo
    My Piccolino is terminated in SE and the difference is already pretty significant when compare to my balance TWag and ALO, I am expecting even more improvement when I reterminate it in balance.  
  4. HK_sends
    I drank the Kool-Aid and popped for the ALO RW8-SC Silver/Copper cable. Unfortunately, I won't get it until I get back from my business trip... Once I burn it in a bit, I will compare with the two other after-market cables I have (Norse 8-Wire copper and Moon Audio Blue Dragon v2). Then I will sell the two I like the least.

    Right now, I find I like the Blue Dragon v2 better than the Norse sound-wise. The Norse seems to be much warmer (IMHO) while the Blue Dragon (although copper as well) seems more to be detailed with less of a veil over the highs (ok, less recessed...not so much of a veil).

    I like Trevor's work with the Norse cable and the size didn't bother me, but sound-wise, just find myself listening to Drew's Blue Dragon more.
    Unfortunately I had gotten his Silver Dragon before and returned it before giving it a proper burn-in (as others have told me). I hope the ALO cable gives me the best of both worlds.

    Will report later.

    -HK sends

    PS - I saw the Blue Dragon v3 out on the Moon Audio website. It looks like Drew is now using the same sheath material as the Silver Dragon v3, which is very nice.:D Too bad I missed it.:frowning2:
  5. WindyCityCy
    This is the cable I have since I purchased it along with the LCD2 from Ken at ALO.  Will be interesting to hear your thoughts about how it compares to your other cables.  I don't have any others so can't make any kind of comparison.  I do like what I hear though and it is quite the beauty to look at.

  6. HK_sends

    Thanks for the input! I understand you don't have other cables for comparison, but do you find there's enough treble and mids "presence" and detail in your music with Ken's cable? I guess I am looking for impactful but articulate bass as well as smoothness and detail in the mid to upper end without it seeming to "take a back seat" to the bass.

    A better question to ask is, do you think you would need to even try another cable or are you satisfied with what the RW8-SC delivers? I know it's all a matter of opinion, but yours is the first I've heard.

    -HK sends
  7. MrQ


    I have the same cable too and I'm very happy with it and see no reason to change. I can't compare it to the stock cable, as I got my LCD-2 from ALO as well. I'm running it balanced from a NFB-10ES. My T1's (black dragon re cable) still beats it on soundstage and they are still single ended. But I feel that's down to the respective qualities of the headphones themselves. 
  8. gogogasgas
    I've just had notice that my LCD-2s are on their way, hooray! Alas, my headphone amp is still in the works. In the meantime, I am exploring my options wire-wise. Has anyone heard of a brand of silver cable called SILVER AUDIO? They sell mainly interconnects. However, I emailed the company and they would be willing to make a silver wire, balanced headphone cable for me.
    Those DOUBLE HELIX silver cables still hold the top spot on my wish-list, however... 
    PS: Mr Q, if death means nothing, then why does that bloke in the headphones seem so happy?
  9. scootermafia
    Congrats on the LCD-2.  I've been having a lot of fun with mine...I had a buddy confirm my suspicions, and our main finding was that the LCD-2 works well with more types of media and files that aren't the absolute best-produced.  The HD800 is so picky with source material.  The HD800 is a little more spacious, but the LCD-2 is overall most enjoyable, a good compromise between over-analytical/hollow and over-muddy.  
  10. grokit
    Yes [​IMG]

  11. gogogasgas
    DOUBLE HELIX - have you tried your silver cables with the LCD-2s? If so, how would you say they compare with the LCD-2s running with copper cables?
    Also, a cable manufacturer commented that the LCD-2 might not be able to wired in 'true' balanced configuration - is that true?
  12. perrew
    What amp are you using when hearing them less clear single ended?
  13. gogogasgas
    Thanks, Scoot! I am VERY interested to read what you have to say about the silver cable with the LCD-2s. It would be great to get one of the trusted Head Fi community to do a review before 'one' shelled out the clams. Skylab? iPodPJ? 
    That so-called 'darkness' in the LCD-2s that you and others have referred to might very well disappear with the silver cable. The LCD-2s supposedly measure well - the neutrality of silver wire might just reveal (not add) a bit of sparkle on the top end. So you noticed improved clarity when the LCD-2s were cabled in balanced configuration. Much of a difference?
    Good to know that the LCD-2s can be 'native' balanced headphones - thanks for the info. I too wondered about the $80 extra for the balanced cables, and opted for the single ended ones. Perhaps the XLRs Audeze use are more expensive than the jack-style connector on the single ended version, or it could be different cable in the balanced version. Anyway, I'll put the $80 toward a pair of balanced silver cables...
  14. kwkarth
    The "darkness" you guys are referring to?  Try using an appropriate DAC and amp!  Single ended doesn't sound as good as balanced?  Gimme a break!  Use a better amp!
    Too much misinformation around here.  
  15. scootermafia
    I don't like how they sound out of the SE output of the AudioGD Phoenix.  The balanced outputs of the Phoenix as well as the B22 sound terrific.  Then again, the Phoenix's SE out just sucks period.  There is no question that the LCD2s appreciate the extra power of a balanced amp.  However, super-powerful tube amps that are SE will be just fine, I imagine, from what people have told me.  A lower-end SE amp is not going to cut it, though.  I wouldn't mind a little more sparkle out of my LCD2s so I am going to try the silver out when it arrives.  
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