Large text font firmware for X1 & X3 2nd gen & X5 2nd gen

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by fiio-shadow, Apr 22, 2016.
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  1. Romani
    The White theme is stunning, well done. My only tweaks would be to use an even darker shade of black for the text (assuming it isn't already the darkest) to allow for better contrast. I would also modify the switches so that they go orange when active.
  2. pinoyman

    YES YES YES!!!
    thanks mate!
    i really appreciate the love and effort!
  3. Dr Jekyll

    So, turns out the X3's screen isn't as terrible as I first assumed. It's actually quit good. I've tested this under bright natural lightning and harsh artificial lightning and have found it more than sufficient when reading.
  4. pinoyman

    its really one of the most dated screens for daps out there. 
    you will see how bright, clear and vibrant the pictures of each albums. 
    texts are easy on the eyes. but by direct sunlight you will need to max the brightness.
    however, on dark rooms or condition, you can will already be pleased  at 30% brightness setting only.
    UI and speed of the performance is excellent too :)
  5. Dr Jekyll
    With the custom white theme, you won't find any issues in harsh lighting. I used my X3 out in bright sunlight, under harsh halogen lights and with multiple LED flashlights pointing right towards the screen. Much to my surprise, I didn't struggle with seeing or reading anything under any of these circumstances. 
  6. totalfusion
    I've just bought an X3, upgrading from an X1. Was looking to download this theme but just getting message that it is not available. Is this an issue with the file or something on DropBox? If you could check the file and let me knw it would be really appreciated :)
  7. totalfusion
    Worked just now :)
  8. MusicBringer
    This White theme make such a difference. I can actually read the text now [without two pairs of glasses]
    Thank You So Much [​IMG]
  9. aceedburn

    Hi, thanks so much for this custom firmware. Love the themes. However I read in the changelog for v3 that you changed the eq wording from flat to off. But in final v4, it still shows as eq flat. Do you have a final v4 version with the eq showing off?

    Thanks for your effort.
  10. FiiO-Shadow
    Dear respected customers,
    After the release of the large text font firmware for the X1 and X3 2nd gen, we are asked to release the large text font firmware for X5 2nd gen by the X5 2nd gen users. But as we said before, to change the text font on the X5 2nd gen is not the same as X1 or X3 2nd gen, and it is more complecated and requires to modify more software code. So we feel sorry to refuse the users' suggestion at that time. 
    With improving the user experience, after communicating with the software engineers repeatedly, now we decide to release the large test font firmware for X5 2nd gen, which is based on FW2.1! 
    Here is the download link: click here, and pls check it if you don't know how to upgrade the X5 2nd gen. 
    Here is the comparison between the previous firmware and larege text font firmwares:
    Hope you can enjoy the X5 2nd gen better with the large text font firmware. [​IMG]
    Looking forward to your feedback! 
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  11. ptravel
    Thank you!  I love my X5ii, but I had trouble reading the screen, particularlyin my car.  This solves it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  12. flacaddicted
    File not available anymore :frowning2:
    Maybe some one still has it and could share it?
  13. JWolf
  14. flacaddicted
  15. JWolf
    v3 is good enough. It's the version I use. I must have missed v4. No big deal really.
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