Large text font firmware for X1 & X3 2nd gen & X5 2nd gen

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by fiio-shadow, Apr 22, 2016.
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  1. FiiO-Shadow
    Dear respected customers,
    We received some feedback from customers that the font size on X1 or X3 2nd gen is too small to check.
    Kindly be noted that, the reason why we do not release the large font firmware officially, is because all these languages' fonts are influencing each other. That is to say, when the fonts are enlarged, the certain language(s) may be displayed abnormally, such as incomplete letters, even though others are normal.
    Yes, we have to give priority to the whole UI and all users. Any understanding will be highly appriciated.
    We have ever released and DIY tool  which can be used to DIY the theme on the X series DAPs. In consideration of the possibility which the DIY tutorial will be a little complicated for some users, here are some simple steps in details to guide how to enlarge the fonts on X1 and X3 2nd gen:
    1) Download the firmware DIY tool (click here) then unzip it
    2) Download the firmware for the X1 or X3 2nd gen (>>
    download link) then copy the ".fw" file into the folder of the DIY tool package
    3) Use the smartPack in DIY tool package to unpack the firmware (you can check the readme file for the usage). The program will create a folder for the firmware package
    4) Open the package folder, go to the directory "\litegui\theme1\" (the library folder for the theme 1). You can also go to other folders (e.g. theme2, theme3...) for different themes
    5) Find the file "config.ini"  then double click to open it for edit. (Or open it with notepad)
    6) Change the value of the font size for different texts (e.g. if you see <topbar_volume_size>14</topbar_volume_size>, it means the font size for the topbar volume number is 14, you can change the number to a bigger one) 
    7) After the modifiying the font size values, press "Ctrol+S" to save the file
    8) Use the smartPack to re-pack the firmware

    (Note: Currently, only the font size for the X1 & X3 2nd gen firmware can be modified using this method)
    For convenience, we have already created a large font version for the X1 & X3 2nd gen firmware as a sample. Here are the download links:
    X1-FW1.6 (large text font):  >>click to download
    X1-FW1.61beta (large text font):  >>click to download
    X3II-FW1.6 (large text font):  >>click to download
    X3II-FW1.44beta (large text font):  >>click to download
    Of course, the above firmwares are just for reference. If you are not satisfied with them or there is a new available firmware in the future, please try to do it yourself by following the steps. [​IMG] 
    Note: Please go to check Page 5(#70) on this thread to download the large text font firmware for the X5 2nd gen.
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  2. Skullbox

    Unfortunately, all the links send me to page that are not supported by my browser. Asking me to update my browser. Firefox/Safari I've got the latest version for the OS (10.5.8) Can't go further.

    Adding to this, DIY Tool are PC only !

    Thx anway!
  3. FiiO-Shadow
    Hi, Skullbox.
    You can not download files from onedrive? 
    Ok, we already upload the firmwares to dropbox, and update all the links. Hope they can work this time. :)
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  4. Skullbox

    Download files from onedrive !?! Can U B more clear ? My englich is limited! I've just mention B4 I'm a Mac user, Files & Tools are not compatible, they will B useless! Have 2 upgrade 4 a new gen computer.

    I gess SQ is more important 4 me that the fonts size! I can live with it!

    Thx for all the efforts!
  5. miriddin
    As a Mac User you can't use DIY Tool but you still can download firmware files as OneDrive and Dropbox both have Mac support:

    Just download the Zip file that contain the Large Fonts Firmware files, extract and install it copying the firmware on a microsd.
  6. Skullbox

    Done! I've dld the fw. no issue there.


    This is the answer I've received from the dropbox link:

    Aggiorna il tuo computer
    Per scaricare Dropbox, hai bisogno di Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard o versione superiore.

    Same with itunesapple link.

    It's not my langage. Is this Spanish !?!

    Merci pour l'effort!
  7. maniac2003
    It's Italian:
  8. Skullbox

    Grazie! :D
  9. miriddin
    Sorry! I'm Italian and I was automatically redirected to the Italian version of the page, so I posted that link...
  10. Skullbox

    It's done.


  11. scotvl

    Can you please release it for 1.4 x3ii also, I need to keep the otg feature. Thanks
  12. Skullbox
  13. Skullbox
    You can't do it yourself by following the steps !?! X3II-FW1.44beta is allready available with bigger font size. Is 1.44beta include OTG option ?
  14. miriddin
    Instead of changing values in each config.ini file it's also possible to use a different font, as different fonts have different sizes for the same size value.
    For example, i actually use firmware 1.6 with the Korataki free font that is bigger on FiiO X1 screen then the default font.
  15. JWolf
    Can you please make a large font version of 1.45beta? I do use replaygain and 1.44beta doesn't work with the current DAC driver. Thanks.
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