Large text font firmware for X1 & X3 2nd gen & X5 2nd gen

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by fiio-shadow, Apr 22, 2016.
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  1. arielp
    New Editted Version (FIIO X3II, 1.45b)
    - Theme 3 now change to Gold Color with Black Background (original was silver with black background)
    - All Playing Icon in List view now already changed to better icon (better visibility)
    - including all changes from previous version
    Download here
    Need to use version 1.6 but with similar edit as above.. (minus gold theme #3)
    Download here
  2. pinoyman

    you never cease to amaze me with your effort and love on this beautiful dap. :)
    once again, THANKS!
    i wish you could add a WHITE theme to have a bright theme that will work for day use. :wink:
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  3. arielp
    edit by arielp v1
    Here are the Changes compare to Factory Version
    - Large Font, with Normal Topbar Menu
    - Better English Menu
    - Better Now Playing Icon
    - Better Gain Icon
    - Theme 3 Change to Gold Icon with Black BG
    - Better DAC Screen Background
    Enjoy :D
  4. JWolf
    Can you please post a full URL? I don't click shortened URLs as I don't trust them.
  5. arielp
    thats the shorturl directly created by dropbox, not by site outside dropbox... , if you dont trust them..'s hosted on dropbox :D
    and that shortlink is a direct download, you should see save as dialog box directly (no page redirect)
  6. JWolf
 is the URL I was given by Dropbox when I clicked the share button to the right of the file in the list. Can you do the same and dump the shorthand URL?
  7. arielp is dropbox
    try this, if you're using dropbox, put your files in public folder, right click, copy public link, then hit shorten link...  it'll generate the
    the modified fw is free to download, just click if you want..
    i think it's pointless, no need to discuss this anymore..  :)
  8. JWolf
    Doesn't work. I'm not paying to use Dropbox.
  9. ngs428
    Hi Shadow.  Will you be posting a large font version for 2.0 on the X3II?  Thanks!
  10. FiiO-Shadow
    Ok, I will relase the large font version for FW2.0 on the X3II later. :)
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  11. FiiO-Shadow
    Hi, here is a larger font firmware for FW2.0 on X3II: click here, and you can try to update it directly. 
    If you have any problem when using this firmware, pls feel free to contact us. [​IMG] 
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  12. arielp
    New Edit V2
    - Refine some Uppercase
    - Remove the Wood Theme, Replaced with Old Theme 3 (silver on black)
  13. ngs428
    Other than the text for the volume number being shifted lower on the top bar than it should be it looks good.  Thanks!
  14. arielp
    you can use my edit.. 
    fixed that problem...including other fixes..
    download below
  15. ngs428

    I downloaded it and will give it a try tonight. Thanks!
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