La Figaro 339

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by cal8949, Jul 15, 2010.
  1. Luminette
    I've heard about great support from yuking throughout this thread, over the years, but it seems like if you buy directly from him you pay 750 (plus substantial shipping) just for the non upgraded la figaro... as opposed to 650 at Shenzhen with free shipping, or 550 in the massdrop that just happened.

    It's especially frustrating to have tried to stay loyal to that dealer only to be made a fool of for it. And when I look at how the pricing is going off of Yukings own website, where they want to charge you even more than their dealers do.. all I can expect is that this is a dealer who wants to make as much money as possible when you decide to buy direct from them. I don't see an upgraded option on yukings website, but if we're just tacking on $100 as with shenzen, then it would be at least $850 plus the shipping that you dont even have to pay with Shenzen. This is just really infuriating because of how invested I was, financially and mentally, only to end up witnessing all of this.

    Normally it is more expensive when you go through the dealers, because they are taking their cut. But for some reason the opposite seems to be true, here. All of the options are pretty uninspiring right now. If they want to sell units then they need to get this whole act together, because it doesn't make much sense across the board. I'd rather just find another amp and a deal I can make in good conscience, than pay way more for the same thing that everybody else here is. That's just offputting.

    It's not just this money and component, but my entire rig that sits useless for months. And I showed many friends this amp and was excited to show things off to them when it came in. It's so disappointing. This type of stuff genuinely only happens in this particular community, for headphone hifi audio. At least in my experience.

    Taking recommendations on similar and superior amplifiers. I'm thinking maybe just a WA6, although I don't remember being in love with its sound signature - was hoping for the warmer and tubier sound with the la figaro. Any tips? I've got money and a rig that I can't wait to listen to, just need to figure out a new amp.
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  2. Kaere
    My 6N13 Sylvania begin to open and work very good with my DT990pro and I received yesterday a pair of 6080, they are hotter and more smooth, and work very well with my 400i !
    I'm waiting for 5889A, CV849 and EF86...
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  3. Luminette
    Uhm, just as an update, I tried contacting Yuking directly a week ago and never heard anything back
  4. ripburger
    Have you tried this mail ?
  5. xmdkq
  6. Luminette
    I haven't tried this e-mail.. I'll give it a go. Thanks for providing it, both of you.
  7. norkuy
    Are there places to find inexpensive tubes for the La Figaro 339? Looking for website recommendations. I'm considering getting this amp but tubes seem so expensive.
  8. wwmhf
    Ebay ....
  9. pelli
    Be careful, I've definitely gotten some crap tubes off eBay sold as NOS because most people don't have the gear to test them. Contesting a sale is always a pain too
  10. wwmhf
    Of course we have to be careful there, but there are reputable sellers there with reliable testing numbers
  11. norkuy
    What would a decent set of tubes cost for the 339? Not the rare tubes costing hundreds because I simply can't afford that. I've only looked up some 6AS7's and seems like they're going for around from $15 to a couple hundred. So Would $100 for an entire set for the 339 be realistic or how much would it cost. I'm really new to this hobby and trying to decide between tubes and solid state, but I love the glow of the tubes.
  12. wwmhf
    I think $100 can get you a decent set
  13. Monsterzero
    I buy from this guy

    He came recommended to me by Rogue Audio(I own one of their speaker amps)He has tubes of all prices and wont try to sell you $500.00 tubes if you dont need them.Incredibly knowledgeable too.
  14. norkuy
    Thanks, monsterzero...what do you think of this deal on the La Figaro 339? And how long do tubes usually last for? Do you think the 339 is worth the price over the Darkvoice 336se?
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  15. Monsterzero
    Many tubes can last up to 20 years or more even,assuming you dont leave your amp on 24/7.Im currently looking at a tube speaker amp with original tubes that are still working...circa 1967!
    I have not heard the Darkvoice,so I cannot comment.What I can say is that I previously owned the WA2 from Woo Audio,a much more expensive amp.The 339 is much more has enough power to drive my planars,as well low ohm headphones like Grados,something the WA2 could not do.

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