La Figaro 339

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  1. UntilThen
    That Massdrop deal is attractive. You don't need to spend very much on tubes to get great sound on this amp. If you don't wish to spend a lot on tubes, I'd suggest the following tubes and adapters.

    Siemens EF80 x 2. These are the drivers. The small tubes used on the outside of La Figaro 339.

    The EF80 needs adapter. Buy 2 of these.

    Svetlana 6H13C. These are the power tubes. They are the big tubes that sits on the inside of La Figaro 339.
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  2. norkuy
    Do you guys ever worry about the market drying up for tubes? I'm just worried about spending a lot of money on a headphone amp only to find out a few years from now prices skyrocket on the tubes I need. I would plan on the 339 being my one and only amp. From what I've read it seems like NOS are pretty much the only tubes worth buying and there's only a limited supply.
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  3. UntilThen
    I have enough NOS tubes to last me a life time. If you are just starting out that would be a concern because price have already sky rocket.
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  4. Monsterzero
    Yes,there is a finite amount of vintage tubes.So,as I mentioned previously some tubes can last 20-60 years,but if for whatever reason youre still worried about it,find a pair of tubes that you really like and a cpl months later go buy another pair for "just in case"

    FWIW I think the amp will fail before the tubes do.
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  5. wwmhf
    I never thought that way, but I now know it is a good way to look at the situation
  6. Ultrainferno
    Most likely you'll be dead and the amp will still be running :wink:
  7. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Seriously, that thing is built like a tank and I suspect repairable even if some components might fail they could be replaced.
  8. wwmhf
    That is a big advantage of a tube amp: its parts can be easily swapped out.
  9. Sonic Defender Contributor
    It certainly is a plus. I owned the 339 and loved it and truthfully wish that I hadn't sold mine, but at the time I needed to. Anyway, nice to see some new 339 fans.
  10. ripburger
    Hi guys, i got the 339, pairing it with the RCA 6AS7G and EF80.
    With the DT770, my initial impression is the wide sound stage, the extra details that I've not heard before, and the nice mids!

    Will pair with the HD650 once i have them and will report back :)

    Both channels are still humming, but the Right side is slightly louder. Tried switching the tubes but the hum is still louder on the Right, could this be grounding issue?
    The Left channel is distorting really bad - the higher the source volume, the higher the distortion(im using the HERUS DAC), anyone here experience this issue?
    At about 20% source volume, its listenable, but at certain frequencies it will distort.

    Tried using different cables/tubes/headphone/swap the EF80 adapter, still the same.
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  11. Josh76
    I've been experimenting with some tubes and so far I like the stock driver tubes best. I tried the RCA red hots and Telefunken EF-86's. I listened to metal, rock, pop, classical, jazz, and rap. They're cleaner, have a fuller sound ,and more bass than the other two. I'm a little surprised but whatever works I guess. Wasting money on tubes is part of the process. The bass for rap music on my HD-6XX's is so much better with these tubes. Even classical is cleaner though and everything else fuller. Good detail too.

    I will experiment more with the power tubes next, those are more of a pain, take much longer to cool off. So far I'd say it's arguable that you could save your money and stick with stock tubes for this amp. I realize it's possible the tubes I got were crap but two different types seems less likely. The EF-86's were pretty close but still not as full or detailed.
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  12. Kaere
    The tube Rolling is good for low impedance headphone !
  13. miltonic
    Hey all I was wondering if any of you hear static/interference with this amp? I just got it not long ago and I'm picking up a high frequency whine that, oddly enough gets louder and more distorted whenever I'm moving the mouse or opening up web browsers etc. Any computer activity at all seems to cause this distortion but most loudly from mouse activity. If I plug my headphones directly into my headphone jack on my computer case there is no distortion/whine at all. The reason I'm thinking it might be interference is because I get this distortion even when my DAC is powered off and only my headphone amp is on. The headphone amp has no physical connection to my computer, it is simply connected to my DAC with RCA cables, and with my DAC powered off I'm surprised it is picking up any signal from my mouse or computer. Has anyone encountered this? Is the amp really sensitive to electrical interference? AM I even understanding the cause of the problem correctly? Thanks so much for any tips, I love the rich sound of this amp but the distortion from the mouse is so jarring that it is really taking away from the enjoyment that this amp could provide. Hope you all will have a Merry Christmas!

    edit: Ok I know for sure that the problem is my own computer electrical interference. If I disconnect my powered off DAC usb from my motherboard the whine goes away. It looks like I need to search the forums for the solution to this problem as I'm sure its been stated before.
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  14. audioot
    For many years I have been very satisfied with my 339 but can not find anywhere which combinations of pre amp and amp tubes lead to a certain sound with for example specific headphones.
    I have been using the AKG 701 with pre amp EF 80 tubes for years but I listened to a Philips fidelio X2 and found it too low and not too tight.
    After placing the stock tubes that were delivered at the amp at the time, the reproduction became a lot more neutral and tightly low too.
    Are there lists of tube combinations and corresponding sound properties to be found here on the forum.

    greetings from Holland
  15. adeadcrab
    I had this when I first got the amp. Switched from USB to optical on my preamp/DAC and has been fine since.

    Also, for those wanting budget power tubes:

    dark -

    balanced/neutral -

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