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L.K.S. Audio MH-DA004 Dual ES9038PRO DAC - Van Damme's double impact?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by pitbul34, Mar 22, 2017.
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  1. Xoverman
    does anybody know of a good plugin for foobar2000 to do PCM --> DSD conversion.
  2. oldearwax
  3. Forgisound
    The LT3042 was bought on eBay. Attached is an image. Hope it's OK?

  4. Forgisound
    Today I have separated the transformer space from the rest of the device. A 3M 1 mm thick panel (used to protect RF and EMI) has slipped between the transformers and the main board. It is fastened between a transformer and a green connector. It seems to me firm. So I did not touch anything in the device. I also cut a piece of this board onto the top of the HDMI connector and wound it over the open rear connector.
    It seems to me that the distortions and hardness in the high resolution area are reduced. It seems to me that the sound is a little better. If I'm not mistaken and the background is a bit darker.
    I tried that piece of 3M board to stick to the oscillator, but the result was bad so i took it off.
  5. littlexx26
    The 3M absorber only eliminate noise starts from a few hundred megahertz which, like cheap cables, is typical low performace passive device ability. 1K to 1M frequency remains untouched.
  6. b0bb
    That is the correct one.
  7. b0bb
    The 3M absorbers have metal power in them, this will disrupt the magnetic field in and around the XO, the shield just reduces the amount.
    You have discovered how sensitive XOs can be to their surrounding magnetic fields.

    Use the absorber on the 2 square chips.

    There is some scope for experimentation here, I also used the Fairite M6 and @MartinWT used a Laird absorber with a slightly different range.

    If you can get those other absorbers give it try to see if the high range 3M sheet is better, of if the Fairite sheet that absorbs at the card operating frequency range (1-25MHz) is the better choice.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019
  8. Forgisound
    OK, but the difference is heard. The board is firm and dense. Transformers are probably damping because the board is pressed tightly against the windings of one of the transformers, along with the green connector. Also, the HDMI connector is damped. So, maybe it's more about damping and less about EMI RF protection.
    But the result is a cleaner sound.
  9. littlexx26
    Certainly it still has effect but not the best results provided it is not full range. Furthermore ferrite is not the best material. The latest effective products are having graphene as one of the effective materials dealing with RF, plus rare earth metals. Ferrite is very old school and has its side effects. So Fair rite M6 which is ferrite is also not recommended.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019
  10. VerloK
    Does anyone mention to change the RCA Sockets with better ones? Like WBT Nextgen? I don't like Rhodium plated plugs and sockets.

  11. Forgisound
    Do you know which absorbers contain graphene and where can they buy it?
  12. Forgisound
    I think, WBT NextGen is a good choice. Do you need to check the diameter of the holes in the chassis of the DAC.
    But Cardas is a great choice, and Jinbo did not choose it for no reason. It's rhodium over silver. It is characterized by clarity of sound.
  13. rettib2001
    Can I ask how you're powering the amanero board via your lps 1.2?

    I disconnected the internally mounted power supply hoping that power could simply be provided via the USB cable but this doesn't seem to be the case.
  14. littlexx26
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
  15. littlexx26
    My lks004's amanero board comes without power supply board. As I know this version of LKS004 only sold in Hong Kong, requested by the dealer. He knows this is the best way to power the amanero.

    I think there is a switch to do this? I think someone mentioned here before
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
    rettib2001 likes this.
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