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KOSS ESP-950 Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by milosz, Nov 22, 2011.
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  1. hanouk
    Thank you for these answers.
    I guess I'll try to figure out what's the real issue. Yeah I don't think there's a Koss center in Europe dealing with RMAs. Ideally I would try to get the total cost (buying the pair used, sending them for repair, paying the servicing) for less than €450 since it would have been the price of a new ESP/95X system from Massdrop (roughly $507 including shipping)
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  2. barondla
    @hanouk the Koss/Massdrop for the ESP/95X just started up again! This is your chance. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-koss-esp-95x-electrostatic-system#overview
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  3. hanouk
    Yeah, it's great
    I'm probably gonna be part of that drop this time
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  4. barondla
  5. Allanmarcus
    Any comments on the massdrop pads vs stock vs vesper?
  6. barondla
    @Allanmarcus saw measurements comparing stock to Massdrop pads. MD pads were a little more extended in the low bass and reduced a midbass peak. I'm happy with the MD pads. They are comfortable and very light weight.
  7. Allanmarcus
    Awesome! Anyone know if MD is selling "replacement pads"?
  8. barondla
    @Allanmarcus haven't seen any mention or indication of Massdrop selling the pads. On the MD Koss ESP/95X drop forum there is a link to another site (that shouldn't be mentioned here) with frequency measurements comparing the original vs MD ear pads.
  9. ratboi
    I'm considering sending my ESP/950 to Latvia with a couple of pad sets to get the individual Sonarworks calibration done - presuming I trust them to pull off one pad set and put on the next. I'd like to hear the Massdrop version without having to spend $500. They ever going to sell them separate? Basically, I need to decide what I want calibrated. I've got my Vesper and plenty of stock pads (bought two extra sets back in the day). Searching MD site for the frequency measurements you refer to has left me frustrated. Key words?

    Yeah, I bought their Tru-Fi software (sucker for sale, 30% off end of March), works nicely with several headsets I've got, and bought their last 'warehouse clearance' of Sony MDR-ZX770BN. Pretty similar hole in the midrange as my Sennheiser HD518, the TF treatment takes them from thumpy and dead sounding to lively and balanced. The individual measurement is noticeably different from their generic for that headphone, and the results are better. There are issues w/ their mobile app and using Bluetooth, but lacking wires is adequate compensation for now.
  10. ratboi
    For those curious about acquiring the MassDrop earpads (like I am...), someone [Markus??] started a poll on their Site. Search Koss ESP/95X, see 'Poll'. I just made it 5 votes vs. 2 - the latter looking distinctly like Vesper. Maybe start one for the Koss to Stax adapter too; CEE_TEE was looking into that at one time. Hmmm...
  11. Allanmarcus
    Link is https://www.massdrop.com/vote/Koss-ESP-950-Ear-Pads
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  12. ratboi
    Is this a step toward getting MD to offer either/both kinds of pads?

    Just wondering - has anyone tried asking Koss if they have the velour pads for sale? Not showing in accessories/cushions - just the stock ESP950 cushions show there. To get the extension cables requires a call; maybe they do the same thing for the velour?

    BTW, very cool that they have a 'blog' link to the Massdrop x (account required!) Drop on the Koss front page. In stock item at MD now, too - can order for shipment tomorrow!
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  13. darinf
    I'd be interested to know if Koss is selling the extension cable anymore to end users.
    I spent over 9 months trying to get extension cables from Koss and I am a Koss dealer.
    Because of the Massdrop 95x, they stopped selling the extensions cables separately since they needed all the stock for Massdrop.
    I begged them for months to sell me some. Finally they gave in and sold me some but they almost doubled the price that I used to pay for them and told me they are no longer selling them to end users. Even if they did, they are not sure how much they would charge for them.
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  14. Allanmarcus
    Sorry, I have no idea. There is a poll at this link with no explanation. Kinda lame. For all we know, the question is "what is under princess Leia's hair buns?
  15. ratboi
    Well, I just spoke to someone at customer service. Extension cables in stock, and my price would be $20 each. Today.

    She was familiar with the Massdrop 95X, and said the only 'cushions' available from her were the original stock at $5 per pair.

    Good luck, Darin.
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