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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Majin
    If you are looking for energetic sound i would stay away from the ED9. I've went from my ED9 to Monk plus and it makes the ED9 sound really flat. I prolly won't be looking into the KZ IEMs since I got the Monk plus. From memory the KZ ZN1 with amp would be the sound sig he is looking for but they are up in price for $70 instead of $20.
  2. Ruben123

    And the golden filters, dont you find them energetic?
  3. Majin
    With golden filters they have bloated bass and reduced clarity. I was almost shocked how bad they sound but god bless the brass filters that made them my go to cheapo IEM for 1,5 year.
    Owyeah and I came from the Sony MH1C back then which is already a bass heavy IEM.
  4. vegetaleb
    So finally the ZS3 are too bassy a la ATES or its bass is neutral? I don't want iem with such bass as the ATES, the bumping bass stretched my internal ears in a way I had ''water drops like sound'' for couple of days, I had to totally stop listening to iems for 2 weeks to fix my ears
  5. haiku

    For real?!! Ok, well, the bass of the ZS3 doesn´t have the punch and the subbass of the ATE´s, but I would say it´s also far from being neutral....  
  6. louiedog
    Thanks, I'll take this into consideration.
  7. pashhtk27

    Japanese music sounds good with neutral to bright gear, with non-recessed mids/vocals. I can't listen to any track with darker earphones. ZS-series is definitely not meant for that purpose. Try the energetic ED-series; I have the ed3c and they sound quite good with one ok rock, energetic and fun.
  8. chaiyuta
    It seems that not only me feel good once changing to silver-plated cable and taking burn-in ~30hours. If you have a chance to try ZST with Dragonfly black 1.5. Let's try. For me, it's good matching.
  9. chaiyuta
    I am using Brimar Quantum SXC cable. It has memory wire. I recommend cable brand likes Brimar or Effect Audio. All of them come with memory wire.
  10. NewWaveAudio
    So sort of made my KZ ATE open back. May do a more permanent mod when I get home. Detail and sound stage is impressive. Bass still punches and rumbles nicely
  11. rockingthearies
    Thanks all for your suggestions and replies! What song genres should I pair with the ZS3?
  12. rockingthearies
    After further listening after an 8 hour burn in, while the treble is still recessed causing vocals in some songs to be a little bit "dark". The separation in the ZS3 are amazing, I could hear the bass, the drumset, cymbals etc I am truly amazed. The bass to me is not too strong until its painful but its accurate and punchy. I will probably get another bright sounding iem or earbud for other songs
  13. Redcarmoose

    That will be amazing when your done. I was surprised to see a a couple pictures of others making the ATE open-back on line.

    If I could, the other ways to get soundstage is to change upstream gear. Somehow the ATE has the ability to grow a different soundstage with other amps, cables and DACs.

    Using the ATE is maybe my favorite with an old iPhone, still it was uncanny how much they change with tube amps or home DACs.

    Still in the end, no EQ or amp is going to fully do the change character of the physicality of the IEM. The physical properties of the headphone or IEM can not be changed with upstream gear. Thus you maybe could enhance your experience even further using different DACs and amps with the open-back custom IEM?
  14. Ruben123

    For starters, genres you like. I've listened all from Bach to Leonard Cohen with them and liked enormously what I heard.
  15. haiku
    After 1 week of breaking in the ATE S, I can say if you think the bass of the ATE is already too much for you to take, then don´t even bother with getting the ATE S. Though the bass has better control, it is "massaging" the eardrums even more than the ATE. I love it!  [​IMG]
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