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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. mebaali
    Which seller from AliEx you got them and what price for ?
    From what I have read (of impressions of recent buyers of XE800) those who bought these for the prices between 18 (pricing in the last month or so) to 27 US$ (during July 2016) from certain sellers of AliEx, seems to have got similar sounding IEMs (can't say if they are genuine ones that were selling for between 50 to 100 US$, a year ago) that are brighter sounding and lean on bass.
  2. rikk009
    Store:Shenzhen XiaoYu Trade Com.. Ltd
    Others has posted this seller to be genuine
  3. mebaali

    In that case, the most likely reason for your phones sounding vastly different from the rest (read as recent buyers) could be due to a QC issue.

    Sorry for the OT fellows!
  4. louiedog
    I really like the way my ATE-S sound but they aren't very pocketable due to the memory wire. I want a new pair of in-ears for walking around town that I can slip into my pocket without crushing the wire and having it be really uncomfortable when I put them back on unless I spend 2 minutes adjusting. I was interested in the regular ATE or the ATR but that feels boring considering I've already got my ATE-S. 
    I was thinking about one of the KZ mini models if I'm going pocketable -- the mini bamboo ED7, HDS1, or HDS3. Is there a significant quality difference between any of those, or does one have a similar sound profile to my ATE-S?
  5. Brian Coffey
    I think the HDS1s are pretty neutral myself but haven't heard the others. I have the ATE none S model and they have more bass than the HDS1.
  6. RvTrav
    Received KZ HD9s today.  Haven't spent a lot of time with them yet but thought I would give some of my first impressions.  The cable is exactly the same as the one on the ATR.  The body of the earphone is slightly different and the nozzle is longer.  The largest ear tip is smaller than the large on the ATR.  This makes sense since the HD9 fits deeper into the ear canal.  As far as the sound of the HD9, 2 things stand out.  In my opinion, the mids are more forward on the HD9 than on the ATR and the base on the HD9 is tighter and seems to provide a little more impact.  For me both provide a comfortable fit.  I think I am going to really like the HD9 and since I paid $5 us. I think I got a great deal as well.
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  7. nakedtoes
    Getting mine zs3 anytime soon.. Can't wait to listen to them
  8. ustinj
    I'll take em for $5
  9. maxwelled
    I received my KZ upgraded cables today for both the ZST and the ZS3, keep in mind that they're different from each other.

    I just got a new found respect for the KZ ZST. I don't understand why KZ didn't just offer it with the upgraded cable to begin with, the ZST should've sounded like it does now with the upgrade cable out of the box. At the moment, if you buy the ZST and then get the upgrade cable it'll cost more or close to the 4in1 and that's unfortunate.

    Here are the changes: the veil did get cleared up, mids are clearer, no longer muddy, and the 'grainy' sound is gone. Omg theres finally sound stage and imaging is finally present. [Used Yosi Horikawa Vapor album and I couldn't stop listening to it] The sound signature also moved over more towards neutral than before(it used to be warm and bass heavy), but it is still definitely warmer than the 4in1. It definitely lost some of the bass that was overpowering the mids/highs and the vocals - and that's a pleasant change because it made the separation clear.

    Just got home from a long day at work and I'm a bit exhausted so I'm sorry if I'm all over the place but I really just wanted to post about this.

    Now I have an option to choose from when it comes to whether I want to listen to a more cooler sound signature or warmer. I can definitely see people who tend to think 4in1 is too bright to opt for this ZST with upgraded cable. I haven't had a listen to the ZS3 with the upgraded cable because I can't seem to put down the ZST right now :) - so it'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'll also post pics! :)
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  10. Ruben123

    Are you really sure it's a real KZ? I haven't seen much of any info about them, no real photos, no KZ logos... So I got an Atr instead :)
  11. maxwelled

    They're on the official AlieExpress flagship store for KZ. I haven't heard much about them also but they are sold by KZ themselves so they do exist, I just don't think anyone has tried them out yet and he'll be the first..maybe?
  12. Ruben123
    Thanks. When I looked at the official store few weeks back I didn't find it so I thought it was sort of a fake brand (qkz?) trying to sell KZ look a likes.
  13. dilidani
    For the guy considering ed7 mini.. Don't buy it. Sound is OK, but nozzle is so narrow that its hard to use wide bore tips on it, at least I was able to find only one tip from my collection.
  14. haiku
    I bought me some comply T200 tips. Let´s see if they can bring the ZS3 to life at last......
  15. Comebackboy
    Anyone have any suggestions for cable options for the ZST? Currently have the silver plated cable but the lack of a memory wire is irritating me.
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