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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. astralmind
    Maybe my ATE or Dulcimer are 'off' or my hearing sucks more than I thought but that is the impression I definitely got. Mind you, it was a short listen but the ATE sounded darker, warmer and more 'colored' and as a result, the bass felt more omnipresent (maybe not bass but lower frequencies ? not sub bass ) and masked the highs slightly. 
    Either way, I still think they both are ridiculously nice for the price tag they command.
    edit: one description that comes to mind is that the ATEs remind me to some extent of that old amp my father used to have with the analogue loudness switch on it. Flicking it on made the sound heavier and muffled. The ATE don't sound 'bad' like that but do have a bit of that loudness taste that I don't hear in the Tennmak
  2. Vidal
    I like the Dulcimer/Banjo and at that price they're a steal. Maybe you need a better seal in the ears, I'm using foams.
  3. astralmind
    Don't get me wrong, they give out plenty of bass :) I just think they actually sound better than the ATE (might not be the best thread to bring this up lol)
  4. jbusuego
    Does the diameter of the nozzle of ZST and ZS3 the same? I owned the ZS3 and is thinking of buying the ZST also, much appreciated
  5. Vidal
    Not sure if they're exactly the same but I use the same diameter foam tips on both
  6. Comebackboy
    Can't fit my friend's rhapsodio cable into the ZSTs. This means I can't order a cable online without trying it on the zst first right. Sigh.
  7. Nachash
    Having the same issue, can you post a picture of the vent holes? I keep having that vacuum thing on my right ear as well
  8. CoiL
    Oh my... KZ having QC issues again...
  9. MuZo2
  10. ratex
    Is the KZ ATE ATR wire up fitment only? Or can I wear them with wires down as well?
    I hate cables around my ears since I also wear glasses :)
  11. B9Scrambler
    They can be worn cable down but it's pretty awkward and not ideal. I too wear glasses and don't find cable up use to be an issue with them. Primary reason being a lack of memory wire. The cable is also somewhat thin above the y-split so it really doesn't interfere much.
  12. ratex
    Thanks! In that case, is ED9 a good replacement for ATE ATR?
    I really don't like over the ear cables =(
  13. B9Scrambler
    You are welcome. I'm not really the best one to answer that question since the ED9 and I have an inconsistent relationship, but the answer is probably yes, haha.
  14. sgl54
    It probably a little hit or miss getting a good fit, depending on how flexible the material the cables ( male ) pins are mounted. I imagine the quality of the fitting they use make a difference as well with mmcx I have some very snug some not, these may end up being the same. I ordered an upgrade cable for the Zst from Wooeasy known as E E or easy earphones ( Aliexpress) should be here in a week. It will be interesting to see how they fit as well as any change in sound.
  15. rikk009
    Do they return on grounds that 'these are fake'. That's hard to prove too.
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