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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. squallkiercosa
    GB uses the lowest priority mail services to save costs. We could order the zs3 at such low price only because of that... my suggestion is to forget you bought them and they will arrive... one unexpected day. 
  2. maxwelled

    I have the XE800 as well but my pair sounds too sibilant. I can tolerate sibilance as I also own ATH-MSR7 and they can get sibilant on some songs especially with a female vocals. Maybe I didn't burn the XE800 enough or maybe it's my source that's causing it or a QC issue? I tend to not EQ anything and leave things as is. Hmm maybe I should revisit that earphone. Any who I just got to work, so I'll spending the day having a listen to the zs3 :)
  3. rikk009
    It's China after all, chances are I might have got fake.
  4. mochill
    had it and also all three version of gr07s
  5. vapman

    Nah nothing really changed. My zs3 is collecting dust
  6. haiku

    Thanks. And yes, though I let them burn in for some days now, I just don´t like the sound either.  
  7. vapman

    Not enough bass for me, also i just dont really like IEMs...
  8. haiku

    Yeah, the ZS3´s bass is "meh", but I like the ATE´s bass a lot. 
  9. 1clearhead
    Really good to know!.....I'll be ordering a an ATR by next week. [​IMG]
  10. toddy0191

    From what you're describing it definitely sounds like it.

    Lacking in treble and detail is not the way i would describe the xe800 at all, in fact i would say they are some of their main strengths, mids aside.

    They've also got a decent soundstage too and IMO the instrument placement is excellent, particularly on classical music.

    The bass definitely opens up with burn in and the treble becomes less harsh as I've A/B'd a well used pair with my new ones and the difference is very noticeable.

    I love the xe800s and prefer them to my 4in1s although i rate them highly too.
  11. sgl54
    Pretty close Kz ises .75 as opposed to .78 with only .03 of a diffrence others have had luck using the .78's? The standard Zst cable has a bend that angles angles up and over the ear.
  12. Ruben123

    Good to see you back Scott!!
  13. sgl54
    Thanks Ruben, elderly parents with health issues, unfortunately comes to us all.
    Grabed the Zst ( first of the new gens ) about a week ago. Not as impressive as it should or could be. Thought I'd try some upgrade cables to see of they'll make a difference.
  14. astralmind
    Just received my Tennmak Dulcimer from GB at their ridiculous low price. Got screwed on the duty fees thanks to DHL but that's my own mistake/childish can't wait problem :wink:
    I have to say, while their build quality and comfort is definitely not as nice as the ATE or ZS3 they have a much more balanced, neutral, natural sound signature - much much closer to my RHA 750. To me that equals better SQ. Soundstage might not be as spatially wide as the ATE but probably more 'honest' if that makes any sense..
    At a similar price, I'd have a very hard time recommending the KZ over the Tennmak. Quite an interesting world out there in terms of lesser known chinese brand, can't wait to hear what they've got coming next!
  15. Vidal
    Dulcimer balanced?
    I've not heard many earphones with the same amount of bass as the Dulcimer/Banjos. They're like having a subwoofer on each side of your head. Don't get me wrong they do all the other bits well but they have massive bass as well.
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