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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. KipNix
    Thanks for the tip. I'll go listen to it right now with the ZS3.
  2. pashhtk27
    These ones: goo.gl/FdAezP
  3. Vidal
    I'm really not sure what's causing this but I've seen a few people saying that the ZSTs are a little grainy. To be honest I couldn't understand this as I hadn't noticed it.
    However, I've been listening to the KZs straight from my iPhone until today. The moment I added my Fiio K1 to the mix the sound seemed off.
    Switching back to the iPhone 6 headphone socket and it's all good again.
    Go figure!
  4. akhil17kr

    Ordered those  but have also ordered these foam tips , please tell me which size should i message seller to send ?
    I mostly wear M sized tips on most of earphones.
    The eartips should fit the KZ ATE and is possible SoundMagic ES18 too :p
    EDIT- according to the link , T200- 4.1m and T400-4.9MM and i have measured the both ear canal and ear tips hole size and it come as between 0.4 and 0.5 , So i think I will choose T200 for good tight fitting to the canal instead of bigger which may loose.
    Please correct me if i am wrong.
    pashhtk27 likes this.
  5. haiku
    While it is true that the sub bass of the ZS3 is more controlled, the big bloomy sub bass of the ATE (+S) is so much more fun imo.
  6. Vidal
    Sorry I missed this see my comment above re: the device. It probably doesn't make much sense but I noticed the fact the mids sounded a bit off when using a DAC rather than straight from the headphone socket.
  7. Ruben123

    Sounds like an impedance mismatch to me.
  8. fonkepala
    Yup, that certainly is true. I like the album quite a lot now. Any other similar albums/test tracks that you'd recommend?
    Also, have you made your final impression on the ZS3 & ATR? Looking forward to it.
  9. fonkepala
    Credit goes to @maxwelled for recommending that album in the first place.
    pashhtk27 likes this.
  10. SSSN
    What's the most neutral KZ IEM? Something that sounds BA like
  11. Ruben123

    Probably the ed9 as I've been on the same search add you and find them the most pleasing. Though the Atr is on its way and I like the zs3 too, albeit its dark neutral sound.
  12. kiler
    Yeah ED9 would be the choice, but I still wouldn't say a BA sound, as I find that both lower and upper range of sound are bit too accentuated 
  13. jipan
    Just opening the box of new ATR. I was ordering for my friend, so I can't say much about the sound. Build quality is good, the finish seems smoother than my ATE. The casing is glossy black, not smoky like ATE. I'm not fond of the font used, though, seems like less classy than ATE.

    Surprise, I found a small vent near the nozzle, like the one at earlier production of ATE. If the sound is better than ATE, I'm going to order one! It's cheaper than ATE.

    I want to borrow it to play, but unfortunately tomorrow morning I'm going for 9 days business trip to site locations darn it :frowning2:
  14. Comebackboy
    Does anyone know if the 2pin cable for the zst is the same as other 2pin cables?
  15. vapman

    almost definitely yes. i have used aurisonics 2 pic cable on ZS3.
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