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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Ruben123
    I'm sorry to say but unless the standard cable is broken, another cable isn't going to make an earphone to sound THAT different.
  2. fonkepala
    Nice! Where did you get the upgrade cables from?
  3. maxwelled

    I would also agree and honestly I'm not that big of a believer with cable upgrades and coming from China, I've received fake 'silver plating' where they were only covered by a silver foil(sigh). However, I do know and have experience difference from copper, silver plated, pure silver etc..each having it's own minimal sound signature changes - ultimately it only matters on the gauge of the wire itself and how it was assembled. I only purchased the upgrade because it was available so I wanted to see if it was going to make any difference. And since KZ themselves made it, it must mean they had checked and tuned it so where it would make a difference. But I was just like you and honestly believed that it wouldn't change much but it did so I don't know what else to say. I don't need you to agree with me but if you are in Los Angeles/Southern California area I would gladly let you listen to them or I'll send you them. Afterall, it is not only I but my girlfriend and friend noticed those differences as well when I had them compare because I was surprised by how it changed. This is a hobby for me, a way to blow money and enjoy it at the same time. I am no professional but my ears do work, and if you have first heard how ZST sounds before and now you'd be surprised too. And of course I will never rule out a QC problem but the original cable was fine, and everyone here also had similar impressions on the ZST sound quality: to sum it up mediocre at best and needs improvement. And now it is far from perfect but it is acceptable. However, it is still inferior to the Senfer 4in1.

    I got the cables from NiceHCK (ZST - $7.92, ZS3 - $8.81) using the alie phone app gives you a slightly more discount than buying using a pc.
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  4. fonkepala
    Thanks for your input on the XE800. As for the Piston 2.1, after reading this post yours I decided to do the backplate mod on mine and now to me it sounds better. Bass is still somewhat too much but I haven't worked up the courage to do the grill mod :)
  5. maxwelled

    I've done the mod to remove the foam on the Piston 2.1, I'll show you a picture of the tools and how I did mine. I didn't damage the screen and was able to reuse it. Is that what you're talking about as the grill mod?
  6. Vidal
    I had the same experience with cables, it was actually silver coloured cable covering a internal wire. The outer bits weren't part of the circuit - from the seller who can't be named.
  7. fonkepala
    Yup, that's the one. I pretty much think that once it's done, the grills would be goners and I wouldn't be able to put them on again. Would appreciate your pics and perhaps guideline on how you did it :) 
    In your opinion, is it a worthwhile mod to do? Did they sound better/different after that? 
    I only have a pair of the Piston 2.1, and they're rather hard to get where I am, genuine ones anyway. If I had a spare, I'd have no qualms about doing the grill mod.
  8. maxwelled

    They freed up the mids, and made it clearer for me and I did lose some of the bass. My sound preference leans more towards colder side, so I don't like overly warm and bass heavy iem/cans. I won't be able to give you a picture of step by step but I will send pics to demonstrate how I did it by showing what tools, and how to open the grill without mangling it. It's fairly simple, much easier than my previous hobby of modding watches. Which reminds me, I used a pointed tweezer used for watch movement assembly. Hopefully you have one or you can purchase it fairly cheap, it comes in handy a lot for many uses so it's good to just have.

    Edit: so many typos, had a bit too much wine and it's late haha.

    I'll take the pics in a few hours and send it in PM.
  9. RvTrav

    ​The HD9s I received came in the same new KZ packaging that my ATR came in.  The only difference is the HD9 box also has both Chinese and English on it. 
  10. fonkepala
    Ok, thanks! Let's continue this via PM.
  11. ratex
    Just bought my ED9! :)
    How is ED9 compared to Piston 3 and Rock Zircon Nano?
  12. Aradea
    Can you post a picture of the ZST upgrade cable?
  13. rockingthearies
    So I received my ZS3s today (like finally) I have been using my earpods for around 1.5 years I have no idea but when I played ONE OK ROCK- The Beginning The earpods gave me a much more "alive" feel whereas the ZS3s feels "dead" so I feel alittle bit disappointed. The soundstage of the ZS3 is definitely larger than my earpods and the ZS3 bass is so much better than the earpods all this I could really appreciate but there is no feel to the music. Is this what people meant by dark and bright sounding iems? I am going to burn them in and hopefully it does help. Could this be a qc problem? I got the glossy KZ ZS3 fitted with JVC Spiral Dot tips.
  14. haiku

    Unfortunately, that´s how they sound here, too. So it´s rather unlikely it´s a qc problem. Maybe get the ATE´s instead.
  15. Ruben123

    Not get an ATE for "earpods" sound.
    Due to another sound signature, you hear the music different than you have until now. I would say the ZS3s are better, but are different too. If you are after a more "energetic" or "engaging" sound, you should look elsewhere indeed. The ZS3 is meant to sound rather dark. For some excellent energetic sound @B9Scrambler would be kind to advise you the KZ ED3 Perfection, EDR2 or ED9. And so would I.
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