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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. akhil17kr
    ATR ia upgrade over ATE ? But ATR are cheaper than ATE and on alixexpress ATE is still selling crazy while ATR very low.
  2. B9Scrambler

    Price doesn't mean much, especially with KZ.
    pashhtk27 likes this.
  3. Raim1

    I've read the reviews. Are they really bang for buck (Tennmak Pro) like do they beat other sub 50 dollar iems?
  4. Raim1

    Which one is better between them?
  5. akhil17kr
    So what you're saying is should i cancel my ATE order and order ATR ?
  6. B9Scrambler
    akhil17kr You could. Either way you'll be getting a good earphone.
  7. crabdog
    They're very impressive. I don't have the ATE but do have EDR2 and ED9 and I would take the Pro over those anyday.
  8. pashhtk27
    @akhil17kr When you are on headfi, you won't be able to survive with just one earphone. :p
    I'm a guy with a small budget too, and I'm using all my allowance to buy one extra pair. That's what headfi does to you.
    The built quality of ate is quite solid and should last but you need to be extra careful since the housings are big and wire a bit sticky which makes them more prone to accidental damage. Just use the pouch you got with es18 to store them, or buy a cheap hard case for $1~ from aliexpress.

    Price doesn't matter with the KZs as B9 said. You can buy zs3 cheaper than zs1/zs2 and from what all say they are better. You can always cancel ate and buy atr. But won't that be a hassle. :)
  9. Raim1

    How do they compare with Xiaomi hybrid pro?
  10. Sylmar
    An upgrade in sound for me at least.
  11. thmarci
    Between the ZN1 and ZN1 Mini? 
    The ZN1 have an AMP unit on it with battery, separate bass- ,tereble controll for the two drivers, but it's heavy for using when you walk around. The ZN1 Mini is the same heastet, without the AMP box. I own a ZN1, and I reeeealy love the sound of it, even in passive mode (when the amp is off). But! I Don't know Tennmark pro, but as far as I know, they are good too.
    Is there anybody owning these two both?
  12. Raim1

    Hello fellow Indian here. I'm planning to order my iems from Aliexpress, like yourself. Can I pay by COD? And would it cost me more than the original price listed on Aliexpress?
  13. Majin
    I've owned the ZN1 with the amp and the sound is really close to the UE TF10 just lacking some micro details. For 22,50 euro it was a steal but ye the amp attached to it is too heavy and at an awkward spot for portable use. With the amp off the sound is muddy and has too much bass. I've sold it and have been on a quest to find something of similar value.
  14. akhil17kr
    No COD not available for international shopping and the price shown in rupees is final , though i am not sure as i used virtual netsafe hdfc card with fixed limit and I don't know how much it deduct from it.but most probably it's final price.
  15. akhil17kr
    Lol you do understand my feelings, okay that won't be a much hassle, it's just a new order.but you're right it's just 150-209INR difference, i shouldn't care that much :smiley:
    And hey btw please provide links for ear tips in advance for ATE, good tight one with good noise isolation, I'm actually not able to find good one which is told me here which is less than $1
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