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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. pashhtk27
    Why not wait for the ate to come and see if you like them. I think they are good with Indian classical and bollywood slower music, if you listen to those. :D
    And for lying down buy some other earphone like the ones recommended above.

    I don't have the ed2, but from what I've read about them they are much brighter and if you find bright signature uncomfortable, ED9 and ED10 won't be good for you. Ate is one of the least bright kz, and they are really good. Just not with modern music. I definitely like them more than es18, they are technically superior with better soundstage, mids, voice, clarity and separation just not the same/similar signature. I use them from my phone too (redmi 1s).

    Ate provides balanced sound but the es18 is NOT balanced. :D

    Edit: Check kz whirlwind tips, I use them with my ate and they can be bought very cheaply. ~$1
  2. akhil17kr
    Nationality sometimes do help figuring out what a person want lol :p

    Anyway here's the thing the ed2 is kind of boomy bass, i can feel it kind of just boom boom my ears the kind of vibration feeling. I don't want that, i think that is called bright maybe.

    On the other hand, soundmagic es18 doesn't have boomy bass, it has balanced ,atleast that's what i feel. For me its balanced sound quality,i want sound not to be very loud, very bassy, too much treble, etc everything just should sound equal and balanced like how the sound track should supposed to sound.
    And yes the clarity, no sound frequency/property should overlap other.

    I hope ATE will provide that and yes it should be good tight fit after all without good fit there is no point :p
  3. Godfsvor
    Hi, I have bought a zs3 and a zst from eBay, I don't know if I had purchased fake ones, is there a high probability? Is there a way to spot if they are fake when they arrive?
  4. Sylmar
    Just received the KZ ATR and I'm pretty impressed. Does anyone know how they compare in sound to the ZS3 and ZST?
  5. lohjiahung
    Will the KZ ATRs fit Comply Foam tips, Spinfits or JVC Spiral Dots? I'm thinking of grabbing a pair to enhance the comfort of my ATRs, as the provided silicone tips don't really cut it.
  6. Ruben123

    I got the zs3 but bought the atr too, should arrive in few weeks at max. I'm really impressed by them and atr should be a cheaper version with the same sound as the zs3. Should be. Will let you know! But probably too late for you anyways lol
  7. Sylmar
    Sure would be interested in your impressions! I got the ATR today and it's very enjoyable to me, hope you will like them too. They sound as a better ATE to me, better highs and a little more defined in sound. If you could do some comparison impressions when you receive yours I would be very grateful. I wanted to buy the ZSR and ZS3 myself but wallet said no so I'll have to wait a little longer. [​IMG]
  8. akhil17kr
    If ATR are same worst or better than ATE if you've both to test ?
    ATR is bit cheaper than ATE, if it's better or as same as ATE i will cancel my ATE order and will order ATR
    pashhtk27 likes this.
  9. pashhtk27
    That would be bassy. Bright is too much treble energy. So I'll correct my earlier sentence: I don't have the ed2 but from what I've read they sound bright and bassy. :wink:

    Ate are neutral with just a bit emphasized sub bass that is still lower than the es18. So no problems there.
    And Ate will fit good. I had to give it to my father since that's the only earphone he's not uncomfortable wearing and now he uses them. And guess which earphone he used before - Es18. :D
    But he only needs them to watch videos on phone and don't care about the sound~

    I'm thinking of buying an atr to fulfill my needs now. From the first impressions on these, maybe I'll like them better. But in any case I'll miss the beautiful translucent black shells of the ate. :p
  10. Ruben123
    I still don't get why you wouldn't get an hds1 for using in bed. Ate are much too big for that.
  11. B9Scrambler
    ATR is a direct refinement of the ATE's slightly mid-focused signature. They are exceptionally similar with the ATR having better extension at both ends, and a touch more energy. It balances out the sound nicely and makes them a bit more entertaining. The ATR is not a significant departure from the ATE, but there were just enough changes in the right areas to make them worth picking up over the ATE. ATR is also better built and ever so slightly more ergonomic due to the refinements made to the nozzle. You truly can't go wrong with either, but if you have to get one, go for the ATR. Of course, all of this is my opinion and based on my own personal experiences (extensive with the ATE) with both earphones. 
  12. akhil17kr
    Fathers.. yeah ..they don't give a damn about sound quality :p
    Anyways, fit and neutral is good,viper4android is there to tweak it, i listen in my phone only with viper4android enabled.
    Hey if ATR are same ,better or worst than ATE?
    It's cheaper by about 200INR, should i cancel the ATE and order ATR ?every penny counts for me man...pocket money you know...
  13. mebaali
    +1. ATE will be cumbersome for bedtime listening even with a good sealing due to its shape and size.
    HDS1 is a pretty good choice, both on sound signature (very balanced signature with a slight midbass hump) and form factor.
  14. akhil17kr
    how's the sound quality of hds1 as compared to ATE ?
  15. akhil17kr
    Seems like ATR is better, if that's so why ATE is expensive than ATR ?
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