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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. akhil17kr
    Hey by bedtime listening what i mean is i am not going to completely rest my left or right ear completely on pillow but fold my arm such that my ear will rest on arm with ear resting in the space created between arm . Argh... can't explain.. it's just earphone will not touch the pillow.
  2. mebaali
    Still, ATE's form factor is way different than what you would have experienced with ES18 for such positions.
    Since you have already made the order, wait for the ATE to arrive. Check it personally and make your decisions based on that.
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  3. Raim1
    Hi guys, I'm looking forward to buy dual driver iems. I'm confused between Kz zs1 and Kz zs2. I'm currently using shure se215 ltd and AT m50 x & thought of adding a dual driver iem to my collection. I like an overall balanced sound with wide Soundstage and high clarity. I'm not a basshead but don't mind high bass as long as it's not interfering with mids and highs. So zs1 or zs2? Also if there are any other cheap dual driver iems in this price range?
  4. akhil17kr
    Well it'll take 20-30 days for it to arrive, i don't have problem to cancel it. I have actually no luxury to buy and try different earphones actually :p so dependent on you guys totally as it's a 1 time purchase for me
  5. mebaali
    In danger of sounding repetitive, ATE is a pretty solid upgrade over your ES18 (in terms of Sound quality and build quality) but don't expect them to give you same sort of fit or comfort while in lying positions (as both these phones have totally different form factors)
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  6. thmarci
    I forgot...


    I usually listen to ALL kind os electronic or anything whis has electrióonic in it. Like, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Chillstep, Drumstep, J-Pop, J-Core, other Japanees Vocal and electronic mixed song, or to say names, Monstercat, Spinnin Session, Freak Show, Alice Margatroid from YT, REOL, Ammy / エイミー from YT, other Podcasts... 
    The main problem for me is the highs, and how they aew separetad from the lows, also, they gave me the feeling of falling of from my ear... they sound like they are gona fall out, but they are not, just the highs are playing fun of me by cheking my earphones every 2 seconds.
    Im using JUST a phone, a Elephone P6000 with MM on it, for equalizers I'm using Panasonic Headset, Dolby Atmos and Viper4Android. Yep, I'm an eq guy :D
    But I could ALWAYS find a good stting before for ALL of my headsets, Rock Zircon, KZ HDS1, ZN1, Sony EX50LP, also tried with Xiaomi Hybrid, Sony EX20, some Senheiser, other AKGs, and Skullcandys. But I never had this weird feeling lisening to them... 
    I dont know if it's Just my ZSt, or all of them like this, but if the second, then it a big turndown for me.

    (Sorry, if I went a bit offtopic :D Also for my English :) )

  7. akhil17kr
    Thank you for layman terms, i am relaxed now. Well for laying position I'll use es18 then if ATE is not comfortable
  8. Ruben123

    Better get the edr2, ed3, ed9 or zs3 instead of any of them.
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  9. mebaali
    ATE is by far the most favt KZ IEM that i have in my collection (due to its relaxed nature of sound presentation that works for long listening sessions during work) Hopefully, it will match with your sound preference too.
  10. akhil17kr
    I hope so, will let you guys know when I'll get my hands on it.
    BTW it's reliable enough to run atleast for 1-1.5 year ?
    I have my es18 for more than 1.5 years and have taken a good care of them while other people get it broken in just 6 months.
  11. Raim1

    Actually I've always owned dynamic driver iems, so I'm curious about the dual driver iems. I know zs1 and zs2 are bass heavy but what if I use eq and bring the bass down a bit, can I expect clear mids and highs then?
  12. thmarci

    What about ZN1 and ZN1 Mini ?
  13. 1clearhead
    Good to hear 'B9Scrambler'! .....I'll probably make a purchase on the ATR instead of the ED12. So far, I'm not liking the ZST and didn't want to downgrade to the ED12, which may just be the ZST, but without the BA armature.
  14. crabdog
    I'd suggest spending a few dollars more for the Tennmak Pro.
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  15. Sylmar
    Got my ATR today and I can only agree. This is a great update of the ATE on KZ's part. 
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