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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. loomisjohnson
    my take on the zsx terminator is now on the blog---i'm not in love, but she's got a good personality
  2. Caipirina
    Got my ZSX as well as my CP155 .. and I find they fit too loose ... they are getting pushed way too far over the neck of the nozzle when I thrust them down my earhole ... CP145 seems to be a better fit ... also tried the 155 on the ZS10 Pro .. same issue ... now I am trying to find which of my KZ have an actually wider nozzle so that I get to use the 155 ... anyone?

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
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  3. SomeGuyDude
    No clue what the CP155 would fit better, i'm using the 145 and definitely a huge fan. Got the ES100 clipped to my belt and I seriously think I've found near-endgame for portable (unless the A16 is really that much better).

    Might not stick with these in the gym, though. At least not without some foam tips to keep them in place. Silicone gets slippery when wet.
  4. Slater
  5. Caipirina
    I actually meant to quote @emeraldstone who said "They are ~6mm. @Keputs uses the CP155 on the ZSX." ... and you responded to that and somehow I ended up quoting that then :D

    I am so done with wires (especially in gym / when running) I am really happy using my top KZs on the TRN BT20 ... I like the ZS pro and the ZSX for more fun, thumpy, forgiving (i.e. lossy streams from Mixcloud) music, while the AS16 are fantastic for classic, everything orchestral or lush ambient FLAC files ...
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  6. Caipirina
    Still talking ear tips? :D
  7. nxnje
    Got some IEMs in the last weeks:
    - TRN V90
    - KZ ZSX
    - Sony MH755
    - and a banned product of which I cannot speak

    Between these, i definitely love the MH755 for on-the-go listening and for gaming, they're awesome.
    The V90 are extremely good as well but treble can be a bit fatiguing some times..
    The ZSX fit is painful after 15-20 min and I do not think they are something really new in the KZ lineup, I do not like their tonality..

    Will post my accurate reviews in the next weeks as I am still reviewing the MH751 for Cooler Master now and got no time for it, but I'm using every single new IEM while I go out for a walk or when I am studying at home.

    MH755 are simply awesome anyway

    Forgot saying the MH755 are awesome
  8. teus
    I wouldn't be surprised if most people don't find the ZSX comfortable to wear.
  9. shockdoc

    Where did you get the Sony MH755? I've heard there are a LOT of fakes out there like there are of the Samsung AKG's.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
  10. nxnje
    This is the link from where I have bought my legit MH755.
    I have checked both the serial number and the production date as well and everything seems ok, so a good reason to share this.
    I hope many of you pull the trigger on this very cheap pair of IEMs if you still don't have them because they're seriously a must-have in an IEMs' collection.


    Just a thing, even if probably you already know.
    Buy an extension 3.5mm jack cord (1m is more than enough and maybe 50cm are good too) in order to use them comfortably as I couldn't use them if I tried to put it in my trousers' pocket.
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  11. Assimilator702
    Why would you say that? My ears aren’t very large. For reference the original ZS10 was way too large for me. As soon as I would get a seal they would pop out. I ditched those real quick. The ZSX is not suppose to fit in the ear straight up and down it’s intended to fit at a diagonal into the natural shape of the ear.

    LOOKING at the ZSX one could come to the conclusion that it’s bulky and ill fitting mess but that conclusion would be the furthest from the truth.

    I do use a smaller tip than normal but that’s due to the extended reach of the nozzle. I could see many people making the same mistake as I did initially in using my go to tips.
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  12. teus
    well, if it looks weird... usually not a good sign, since 2 out of my 3 KZ earphones are very uncomfortable to wear.
    I wonder why nobody makes a 3D model of IEM's, you 3D print the model, and then you can test how well it fits your ear.
  13. SomeGuyDude
    I've had 3 KZs (ZS5, ZS6, ZSX) and literally zero fit/comfort issues with any of them. I caution against anyone making blanket statements on comfort. You can say how it feels for you, but to expand that into "well this is how it is for everyone" is just dishonest.
  14. teus
    Most KZ IEM's are quite big, so fitment is not as "easy" as with other brands. They're cranking out countless IEM models, try all sorts of designs, it's chi-fi, and mistakes happen.
    I'm not writing an article or publishing anything, and I'm not some sort of reference. Just my opinion, no need to talk about fitment with terms like "blanket statement" or "dishonest". Fitment is always very relative.
    I have the KZ ZS5, besides bulky they also have sharp edges. The ZSR have incredibly long nozzles, for me they're impossible to wear. It's well documented. The ED16 are more compact and only have smooth edges, which makes them very easy to wear.
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  15. westsenkovec
    Thinking about modding my ZS6. At least I'm going to change the cable. From what I've seen there are three gens. The second looks and feels the best but it has wires in the ear hooks and it oxidizes. Which one should I get?

    Did anyone try to mess with the internals of the ZS6?

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