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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Seazer
    Would something like this work or should I be wary because it doesn't specifically mention balanced?
  2. Slater
    Maybe 3.5mm was what I was thinking of. Thanks for the clarification!
  3. SomeGuyDude
    Been enjoying the ZS6 with foams for a little while now. Got the ZSX out for delivery today and pretty stoked. Might end up being my "endgame" IEMs.
  4. nraymond
    I wouldn’t recommend buying any adapter that doesn’t mention balanced, since there is an uncommon form of 2.5mm jack that isn’t balanced (I’ve seen it used on some headsets, so an adapter that doesn’t mention balanced might have a 3.5mm TRRS socket rather than a TRS socket).
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  5. archdawg
    I'd go with the FiiO BL35 (replament for the older L26) - the female balanced connector sticks to the TRRS layout (Astell & Kern, FiiO et.al.) as do most of the balanced stock and replacement headphone cables with 2.5mm connectors on AE and elsewhere (if in doubt just ask the seller).


    (BTW ... one thing to be aware of is to switch OFF any DAC/DAP before you insert any 2.5mm male balanced jack in order not to shorten the output amps - bad idea.)
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  6. BadReligionPunk
    ED9 with gold filter is my jam too. Its a good rec. ED7 is really an overly bloated bass mess of an IEM imo. Sounded like something you would buy at the checkout line at WALMART to me.
  7. zr0dfx
    Got my ZSX today! Loving the cyan with the darker metal on them. Fit absolutely fine for me.

    Do you guys recommend the foam tips for these? Mine are still on the way.

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  8. Slater
    ED7 is one of the few KZs that I don’t own, so I’ve never personally heard it. I do know there are some fans of the ED7. I seem to remember @Otto Motor likes them, but I may have him confused with someone else.

    There’s also 2 ED7 versions; a regular and a mini version. Perhaps one is better than the other?

    And speaking of Walmart checkout earphones, the ED4 definitely belongs in that category! Actually, the ED4 belongs in the dust bin; it doesn’t even deserve to be in the checkout lane lol
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2019
  9. mbwilson111
    I think it looks cool. Can't find it in stock anywhere.
  10. paulwasabii
    I don't know about tips as I usually grab the large star tips. I do recommend trying a different cable. I am using the NiceHCK cheap 16 core copper and it really turns up the bass. More so than any other iem including the ZS10 Pro on the same cable. Just curious if others have cable swapped the ZSX as most reviews stuck with the stock which gives me a thin mid section.
  11. voicemaster
    I use the silver upgraded cable that I got for free from KZ store.
  12. Seazer
    I'm using a nicehck 8 core copper cable and I think it sounds good. I'm wondering what the best conductive cheap copper cable would be.
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  13. Seazer
    I use dekoni foam tips or the silicone tips that come with the Mh755. I'm using the silicone tips more now just because it's more convenient. Personally I'm not a fan of the stock kz silicone
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  14. Seazer
    To bad its already shipped for me. At least it was only a couple bucks. Will it be obvious if it doesn't work? Will I get static or something? Or will it silently destroy my iems lol
  15. LaughMoreDaily
    Maybe a ZSN copper cable? Does it fit the ZSX?

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