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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. citral23
    1st comes disbelief "but everyone was shilling it! why does it suck"

    2nd comes anger at oneself "why did I listen to all those shills that get the iems free for review and don't want to bad-mouth them or they won't get the next one"

    3rd comes acceptance "well it's only a 35$ mistake, and it's not _that_ horrible. Maybe I can use it to bring the trash can out"

    And overall it's the beginning of a journey to be more skeptical, and make a big purge in the reviewers we follow, only keeping bookmarks of the ones we agree with :)

    Buying stuff blind from China is not without caveats, over 100$ I pay the little extra to get it from Amazon personally, can always return if not happy or get free replacements if there's a problem.
  2. Podster
    Now see this is where I get thrown off a little as my description of shill is a person that makes things up or maybe adds fluff but no facts per say on the other hand what most do is hype off others comments and their own lack of hearing many different iem's.

    2nd should be left off because there may be some hidden resentment in that take however true it may be and third could be chalked up to a loss or a trash run pair but I would just offer them up to a friend or good discount out here:wink: Heck who knows you might even sell them to some shill:grin:
  3. thebigredpolos
  4. Mybutthurts

    That's some rig in the bottom photo.
    You need re inforced pockets to carry that around.

  5. Zerohour88

    I'll say this, I started blind-buying KZs and then went on to get near kilobucks IEMs based on reviewers I trusted. Rarely been disappointed so far. Using cheap IEMs to gauge whether I can trust reviewers on the more expensive stuff turned out to be quite a good strategy.

    Despite getting said IEMs, I've bought KZs due to nostalgia mostly now, and curious on gauging how far they've gotten (not searching for endgame/nirvana/revelations anymore, already know the stuff I want). It also helps that I get them cheaper due to buying direct from taobao.

    Good to know someone here understood what I was saying, at least.

    shill because they get free stuff? Well, that's where the above "gauging reliable impressions" comes in.

    Hopefully someone reads this and actually learn something, me getting banned won't be for nothing.
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  6. MacAttack7
    Having trouble finding a double-flange eartip for the KZ ES10 Pro.
    Apparently the nozzle is 6mm with an opening of 5mm.
    Anybody have a suggestion?

    The single-tips it came with seem to fit ok, but with this earphone & with my ED16's they just work their way out if I yawn or go for a walk.
    I think my ear just doesn't match up well with the somewhat bulky bodies of the KZ's.

    I've been using a double-flange with my ED16's and that seems to have solved the problem, but it came with some other brand of old earphones that I own.
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  7. Podster
    Yes, I believe you are correct in that, I think the cable is very close to the same however TRN was not offering the KZ C pin connectors when I got those.

    @Mybutthurts , it is rather bulky but not near as heavy as it looks. I think the Walnut could have actually gotten everything in the V2 and F1 into just one of those chassis:rolling_eyes: Still one of the most analog sounding setups I've ever heard and the balanced out is just a plus:wink:
  8. RikudouGoku
    Off topic and probably wrong thread, but How do you add a microphone to you Iems when gaming? For example with headphones you can buy a Modmic and it turns it into a headset, is there something similar for IEms? Do not want to use those big Mics that takes in all the sound in the house and I do not have the space for one of those. TIA
  9. SinisterDev
    Yay! My picture upload finally worked haha.
    And yeah, heres the link to the cable on Aliexpress
    The C-Pin cable is available under the selections. I picked mine up off Amazon. It was actually around the same price surprisingly. I believe I paid $15 for it with free 2 day shipping. So it was worth it to get it so fast.
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  10. Podster
    So I have at least 100 pair (big discount package bought years ago) of triple flange that a lot of people cut the outer flange off for a bi-flange, if you PM me an address I'll send you 2-3 pair in the mail:wink: May be worth a try and heck it's just a stamp to Oregon:beerchug:
  11. Zerohour88
    buy a cable with mic and then use a splitter to get 2 separate audio and mic jacks

    if you buy a V-moda, you should get one of these included? I had one with my SHP9500, at least
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  12. RikudouGoku
    I already Have cables for 50 usd and would rather not do that, is there any standalone mics that work?



    something like those?
  13. Coldheart29
    Uuuuh, that looks even better than i expected.
    Yup, i'm getting that 16 core as soon as the 26 sale comes (got some more stuff in the cart too).
    But still, any recommendation for a good para B cable with an angled jack?(why do all these upgrade cables use straight jacks anyway >.>?)
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  14. Podster
    Not really as a lot of the after market cable builders have gotten away from right angle connectors and are all pretty much straight now however I do remember when they started or at least several of them gave you choice on order for straight or angled (always makes me laugh when they say right angle cause all one had to do is twist it to the other side for a left angle.....just kidding wit ya as out of the player it is a right angle):rolling_eyes: Should not stop you from searching:wink:
  15. Zerohour88
    well, if you buy any clip-on mic, sure. I used one before I got my V-moda boompro (placed it on the desk near the keyboard).

    might be a bit messy, but you can braid/tape the mic cable with your existing cable and then clip the mic to your shirt (I don't wear one while on the PC, hence putting it on the desk)

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