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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. citral23
    I do that at work, IEMs with good no-mic cable, in USB-C hidizs sonata HD on "pure sound" firmware (no mic)

    Standalone clip-on mic direct in the audio jack of the laptop

    Albeit I really don't like to talk with noise isolation of IEMs, feels really weird. So I want to test earbuds in jack and switch to them for confcall, and only use IEMs for music.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  2. mbwilson111
    You just might be surprised how good earbuds can be for music. I have some that remind me of a good open backed headphone.
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  3. RikudouGoku
    yeah but i skip the tape.

    BOYA by M1 is the one i am gonna buy.
  4. smodtactical
  5. MacAttack7
    On the comply chart it has KZ ZSR under 600 core size.
    It's nozzle size & opening is the same as the ZS 10 Pro.
    6mm nozzle, 5mm opening.

    I just put a Mee Audio double-flange on that's 3.5mm core, and it fit the ZS10 Pro no problem.
    I wonder if it even matters with stretchy silicone.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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  6. chinmie
    please do visit the earbuds thread. earbuds are a whole different class of sound from IEMs. not superior, but excitingly different feel.
  7. courierdriver
    I was leaning towards the 9038S, but from all I have read, it sucks the battery from the phone like crazy. So I would need to hook up a battery charging bank up to my phone, which is taking away from my goal to reduce the complexity of a stack, as well as the bulk and weight. The constant drain I already have on my phone's battery (due to constant recharging because of music apps like Hiby Music Player, Spotify and Amazon Music being used) is making my battery lose its charges faster every day. The E1DA won't really solve my issues. I'm thinking I might just get a less expensive dap for the time being, that has balanced output and an SD card slot...something like a Zishan, F-Audio or an Xduoo X20. I've seen alot of headfiers and people who have reviewed iems and earbuds, who have posted pics of their other gear, and a vast number of them show some really cool budget daps that are in the $150-300 range. No; they aren't touch screens, have access to the internet, support bluetooth or do anything fancy; but they do have balanced outs with comparable power to my Q1MK2 dac/amp, use good dac chips (sometimes doubles for true balanced output), accept SD cards up to at least 128MB, and sound great!
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  8. Veyska
    I prefer my (turquoise, not that it matters, and I got it the same cable as the purple ZSN because it was pretty and also maybe a minor upgrade) C10 to my purple ZSN, but I'll admit I've not tried tip rolling on the ZSN at all and only really the came-with-Rosewill SpinFits on the C10 largely for fit reasons. The ZSN's treble was just *slightly* not-quite-satisfying (though not so far as to be unsatisfying, mind; too lazy to dredge the relevant post up but I believe I described it as kinda' like a low-res JPG someone had scaled up and then gone just a *tad* overboard on the sharpen focus tool to compensate). The ZSN's still pretty damned awesome though, sufficiently so that I keep being tempted to get a ZSN Pro because why not. <-<

    (Hi, I'm overly fond of parenthetical comments tonight apparently.)
  9. Zerohour88
    I find it hard to get chi-fi DAPs now after testing some with the Andro and getting crazy hiss (I don't mind if the impedance is a bit high, but hiss is a killer). Coincidentally, the two DACs I loved were the Q1Mk2 (really slick design and smaller than I thought) and NX4 DSD (the one I'd get over the Fiio).

    Topping started the trend of good value, excellent-measuring, great engineering designs among the chinese source makers, I hope they decide to make a DAP soon.

    usd$300 balanced out DAP, Cowon Plenue D2?
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  10. vegetaleb
    How good are the BTE?
    I don't have BT iem because I don't mind having cables and sound quality is still the preferred feature I want.
    So are the BTE finally a good pair of iem in the same level as ZS4 fir example or not?
  11. Assimilator702
    I have ZSN in black and Purple. There's not a bit of difference in sound. If cables can make a difference the light copper colored cable is no different than the regular brown cable. With that said the ZSN sounds a touch better than the ZSN PRO. Its more of a side grade but while the mids sound a touch better on the ZSN with vocals the ZSN PRO has a bit more bite in the mid treble and the bass is more monsterous. Don't knock yourself out getting a ZSN PRO unless you want a bass monster and maybe try something else. The Yinyoo Ash is a bit better than both. Its basically a retuned TRN IM2 and it's a considerable upgrade for $23 on AE.
  12. LaughMoreDaily
    I have both colored ZSN's and the Purple sound better. Maybe cause it's broken in more? The Black's vocals sound slurred.
  13. vegetaleb
    About the ED16, are they physically like zsr or zs3/4?
    Zsr are a total disaster as fit in my ears, zs3 and 4 are perfect
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  14. igorneumann
    Not similar to none of those, ED16 has a unique shell.
    It sounds weird for my ears.

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