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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. vegetaleb
    I want to use my 2$ coupon on a good pair of iem under 20$. Bought the Marley little bird lately but sound was kinda muffled, my kz zs3 and 4 are in bad shape so I am searching for a new model.
    Not a bass head, I am into wide soundstage and crystal details
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  2. nxnje
    You could try: Senfer DT6, ZSN Pro, QT5, ED9 (old but good) or you can push some euros for the old good ZS6 from KZ.
    There are many choices around, and the 20~ price bracket is actually full of decent stuff.
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  3. scottySK
    Stretch the budget for the Tin T2, I'm super impressed with the clarity and detail.

    ZS6 is quite good for soundstage but are too fatiguing for my ears, but ymmv

    Sticking to the $20 budget however I think the ZSN would be a great choice
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  4. igorneumann
    "Not a bass head, I am into wide soundstage and crystal details"

    Dude, you got all the wrong IEMs, then... ZS3/4 are bassy and not that centered in "crystal details".

    My suggestions are similar to the previous one (DT6, ED9, ZSN) but I would add the TRN IM2.
    I like the TRN IM1 best but that one is bassy(er), more similar to the ZS4 than the description of what you want.
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  5. Nimweth
    ED9 with the brass nozzles and wide bore tips. Sorted!
  6. SinisterDev
    Sorry for the delay. Could have sworn I made a post sharing the link, but l guess it went *poof*.
    It is the KZ 8 core upgrade cable. I got mine off Amazon because the price was surprisingly similar to the price for the same cable in the KZ store on Ali.
    https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/sSBnJVJa just gotta make sure to order the C pin version. Im really liking them so far. Tempted to get another pair in B type for my CCA C10's! Pretty nice budget cable. I believe @Slater suggested I try it.
  7. acarvoeiro
    To listen with ZS7

    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
  8. mbwilson111
    The ED16 is smaller than a ZSR. It fits very comfortably in my ear... with a different cable. The rubbery cable that came with it just pulls it at an odd angle for me. I also had to change tips in order to get a proper deep enough seal. Now they sound great to my ears and with my music... good enough that I bought a spare in another color.... which I ended up giving to my husband. I could tell he would probably buy another if I didn't...lol. But there were only two colors!

    The most recent KZ that I have bought is the ZSN. I have not been tempted by any of the newer ones... the pro this and pro that...
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  9. billbishere
    So I changed from the JVC Spiral Dots to the Final Audio Tips today on my ZS10 Pros. I must say it really sounds like to me that it cleaned up the sound, not as harsh or grain. It tamed the mid bass hump a bit too. I really like the sound and am amazing by how much the sound changed. The bore sizes are probably as different as you could probably get in size.

    Just thought I would share my experience
  10. jeromeaparis
    ED16 is not only much smaller than ZSR and smaller than ZS3-4,
    it also much better sounds.
    More detailed than ZS6,ED16 is also named ZS7
    It s not bright as the ZSn, more natural sounding.
    More sub than bass.
    1DD+ 2BA
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  11. BadReligionPunk
    Don't sleep on the Nicehck Bro. They are $11 right now and will be down to $9 with the mobile app on Aliexpress. As for KZ the ED9 is also a good play. Also check reviews for Uiisii CM5. That thing is still legendary status imo. I don't know if its still available, but its worth checking out.
  12. gorman
    I've bought a pair of KZ AS10 and plan on pairing them with TRN BT20S. Any suggestions for most comfortable eartips?
    Also, nozzle seems huge, which Comply fit these?
  13. loomisjohnson
    i was going to recommend the bro as well--not bassy, but otherwise ridiculously refined and well made for $11--the cable is worth it alone
  14. MacAttack7
    I think the ED16 are about the same size as my ZS10 Pro's, but a different shape.
    I couldn't get them to keep a tight fit in my ear, but I recently put on dual-flange tips from Mee Audio & they seem great now.
    They are also much lighter than the ZS10 Pro's. I've never paid attention to that before, but now I notice that the KZ10 Pros aren't great if you're moving around a lot because the weight seems to gradually loosen the fit as they slightly slip out.

    The ED16 Sound perfectly good to me, but I don't really hear a lot of the things people mention here.
  15. citral23
    Cable porn :

    In order of preference, I rate the yinyoo 6 core highest. Extremely supple, so much that it doesn't need ear hooks, which looks and feels nicer imo. Nice color, too.


    KZ Upgrade cable, perfect for the price, not super far from KPE stock cable. Jack could lose some weight and belly.


    TRN 16 cores cable. Not too bad but on the heavy side and I'm not a fan of the brown. I have a balanced silver too, and it looks just like... silverish paint. Doesn't ever get completely straight, braiding could be better. Still good value.

    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019

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